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    Your Vehicle for Life

    Turbo Vado

    You’re more than a bike rider, and Turbo Vado is more than a bike. Yes, it’s fast (4x you), but we think you’ll appreciate its versatility just as much. It’s powerful yet smooth. Fun but functional. A bike you can commute on, crush a workout with, carry lots of stuff on—then lock it up and walk away.

    Seriously Smooth

    Smooth Ride, Confident Feel

    Supernatural Power

    As Much as 4x You

    Ride-Anywhere Range

    Up to 90 mi/120 km

    Ride with Confidence

    Make Bike Thieves Miserable

    What good is an e-bike if you can’t take it anywhere? Turbo Vado is made to get you to your destination, then lock up when you get there. The bike has a few tricks up its sleeve to fend off wannabe bike thieves.

    Versatility to Get the Job Done

    Shift Gears Your Way

    Gear Up