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A Bike for Your Outdoor Life

There's a whole world connected by trails out there, and we firmly believe that it's best reached from behind the bars of a Women's Camber.

When it's time to play in the outdoors, the Women's Camber is a logical companion. That's because it adds a healthy dose of efficiency to the trail category of women's mountain bikes, without compromising anything on downhill ability. What does this mean for your ride? You can go almost anywhere that a trail can take you with greater speed. Going climbing? You'll reach your route faster and have more fun in the process. Having a trail run? Try running a loop that's deeper in the backcountry and have the trail all to yourself. And if you want to have the time of your life riding trails, well, the Women's Camber is a no-brainer. No matter what you do outside, this bike will only make it better.

Just Right

Women's Camber