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    Women's Prime SWAT Liner Bib Shorts

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    The ultimate solution for carrying your trail essentials in style and comfort, our Prime SWAT Liner Bib Shorts let you bid farewell to bulky packs and uncomfortable sweat stains. Designed to be worn discreetly underneath your favorite Trail Shorts or Pants, these bib shorts feature a highly breathable open mesh fabric that ensures optimal ventilation, keeping you cool and comfortable on the trails.

    But the real game-changer? Our patent-pending design boasts three floating rear pockets, strategically integrated to securely store your ride essentials. Crafted to sit flush against your body, these pockets come in varying sizes and locations, ensuring a snug fit for items of all shapes and sizes. No more bouncing or discomfort—just effortless access to your gear as you tackle challenging terrains.

    All of our SWAT pieces are the most innovative storage solutions that keep exactly what you need exactly where you want it—which is why you can fit your phone, a tube, plenty of gummy bears, and even a pre-drop 12oz cold one in your Prime SWAT Liner Bib Shorts.

    Featuring stretchy elastic suspenders and a brushed tricot suspender anchor, these bib shorts offer a plush, soft feel against your skin while staying securely in place. The mountain bike-specific chamois, smaller and thinner than traditional designs, provides enhanced ventilation. Plus, outward-facing seams reduce chafing, ensuring a comfortable ride every time.

    Made from a blend of recycled nylon, elastane, nylon, spandex, and polyester tricot, these bib shorts not only deliver unparalleled performance but also reflect our commitment to sustainability.

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