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    Innovate Or Die

    Rowery wyścigowe

    Gotowy, aby na nowo zdefiniować swoje wyobrażenie o tym, jak szybko i daleko możesz jeździć? Trafiłeś we właściwe miejsce. Jeśli nasze rowery szosowe pomagają kolarzom takim jak Peter Sagan, Julian Alaphilippe i Anna van der Breggen jeździć szybciej, możesz być pewien, że będziesz jeździć na rowerze swojego życia.

    Jeden rower, by wszędzie wygrywać

    Całkiem nowy Tarmac SL8

    Nie ma nic szybszego od Tarmaca SL8 dzięki połączeniu aerodynamiki, lekkości i jakości jazdy, które wcześniej uznawano za niemożliwe. Po ośmiu generacjach i ponad dwóch dekadach rozwoju, to nie tylko najszybszy Tarmac - to najszybszy rower wyścigowy na świecie. Twoje nogi są na to gotowe?

    Rider-First Engineered™

    A decade of data acquisition, thousands of prototype frames through our Test Lab, and real-world validation from the best professional race teams in the world have led to bikes that perform flawlessly for every rider, in every size.

    Financially Responsible. Irresponsibly Fast.

    The All-New, Lightest In Class, Allez

    Four decades after the first Specialized Allez hit the road, the new Allez is the best yet. Lightest in class, it delivers more confidence, versatility, and performance than ever before – for more riders than ever before.


    Smoother Is Faster

    By sourcing cutting-edge, Silicon Valley technology, we’ve engineered a bike that’s lighter than our Venge and more aero than our Tarmac. The All-New Roubaix. The most technically advanced machine we’ve ever made.

    Turbo Tires

    Since our first tire in 1976, design, innovation, and collaboration with the fastest riders have made our tires the best in the world. Today’s Turbo tires roll so fast, handle so well, and provide such durability our pro riders are choosing Turbo clinchers over tubulars on race day.

    Turbo Creo SL

    It's a Whole New Sport

    We’re going to flatten your climbs and make you laugh in the face of headwinds with our first ever Turbo e-road bike. Nothing else on the road comes close to this mighty cocktail of light weight, power, range, and connectivity. This is the future of performance road. It’s You, Only Faster.


    The Ride of Your Life

    What if we used every ounce of experience we’ve gained serving riders over the past 46 years and built a bike made simply for the love of riding? For those moments when human and machine become one, when we lose ourselves dancing up a climb or carving through a turn. Well, we did it, and in doing so, Aethos broke every design, ride, and race rule along the way.

    Allez Sprint

    World's First Alloy Super Bike

    We took every innovation and insight learned developing the Tarmac SL7 and rebuilt it from alloy with our Smartweld technology to create the all-new Allez Sprint. Whether chasing a National title or attacking your buddies 15 minutes into an “easy” Sunday spin, we won’t be offended if you mistake the Allez for a Tarmac SL7. Some may call it a carbon copy, we call it the World’s First Alloy Super Bike.

    Road Gear

    Helmets, shoes, tires, clothing—we develop them all through racing and in-house engineering. And the result? Our performance road bike gear is the best out there, and we have the results to back it up. From our Body Geometry shoes and aerodynamic S-Works helmets to the fastest road tires ever tested, every piece of equipment we make has been designed to give you the greatest advantage possible.