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    Nature Is Just a Bike Ride Away

    Introducing a unique collection of functional gear developed by combining hiking and biking through a close collaboration between Fjällräven in Sweden and Specialized in California. Discover nature more easily and enjoy it longer. Welcome to the great nearby.

    “We don't need a wardrobe full of clothes that serve singular purposes. Instead, we need a few pieces that do everything we need.”

    Sarah Swallow, Specialized Fjällräven Exchange Ambassador

    Bikepacking Gear Out Now!

    Whether you’re planning your first bikepacking trip or your 50th, heading into The Great Nearby is easy with the right gear: a reliable off-road bike, a few durable bags for essentials, and high-performance clothes to keep the ride as comfortable and smooth as possible. All that’s left is to enjoy the ride, the company, and the destination.

    Behind The Scenes