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    Style-Specific Sizing

    Unleash your ride with S-Sizing. Every rider is different and every trail presents its own unique challenges, so why should your inseam dictate your bike size? Enter Specialized’s game-changing style-specific sizing—S-Sizing. It’s sizing based on what matters, the kind of trails you ride and your personal riding style.

    How to Choose Your S-Size

    Our S-Size trail bikes come in sizes with similar headtube lengths and standover heights, which allow you to choose the size that best matches where, and how, you ride. Smaller S-Size numbers are going to be more nimble, thanks to their shorter reach and front-center measurement, while larger S-Sizes deliver more stability and a roomier ride.

    For example, if you’re 5’8”, you could ride a S2, S3, or S4. If you want a ride that’s balanced between maneuverability and stability, S3 will be your size. If you want a more nimble ride, you’d drop down to a S2. Want a bike that’s more stable at speed? Bump up to a S4.

    S-Sizing vs Traditional Sizing

    SM, MD, LG — what we affectionately refer to as T-shirt sizing—uses your height and inseam to determine what size bike you ride. That makes a lot of sense for XC bikes, when pedaling efficiency reigns supreme, but it ignores a key factor critical to the trail rider—your unique riding style. Style-specific sizing—or S-Sizing—provides the flexibility to find the trail rider’s perfect fit.