If you’re about to tackle a fitness challenge, set yourself a goal, or just want to keep active and healthy, you’re going to need a bike that’ll help get you there—a true partner on your fitness quest. Find yours here.

Fitness is a journey best shared and these bikes are keen to join your stay-fit team. When you buy a bike, you’re starting a relationship with a partner that’ll help you achieve your fitness goals, however you’re attacking them. Whether it’s hitting those miles at speed, mixing in a bit of exploration in your quest, or just getting the heart rate up while staying comfortable and healthy, this is all about matching your fit-style to the right partner. It’s time to meet your perfect match.

Our Sirrus and Vita bikes are eager to form impactful relationships with like-minded souls. Their ideal partners know how to have fun but are committed to, and are passionate about, achieving their fitness goals. You want to go fast, work up a sweat, and push yourself? Look no further than these high-energy, fitness enthusiasts. You’ll never fight against them—not on the climbs or the flats—with their lightweight frames and incredible fitness-specific fit. This increased efficiency and performance leaves you with more energy on your ride, so you can spend even more time together on your way to a fitter, healthier you.

These bikes want to build something real with someone—are you the one?

Our Crosstrail and Ariel bikes are the perfect partners for getting out there and exploring boundaries—both physical and geographical. Versatile and built to smooth the rough (you can thank the suspension fork for that), these bikes will have you seeing the possibilities of where your quest for fitness can take you. They like to mix it up just as much as you do, so know you’ll be working up a sweat on the main road to health, but from time to time, you're going to duck off onto side roads just to see where they go.

This relationship is going to lead to something great—are you ready?

The Roll is all about striking a balance between working hard at staying healthy and making sure it’s not a tortuous endeavor. Comfort is King with the Roll, and you’ll get it with a more relaxed ride position—one that also lets you put a foot down at a moment’s notice—the stability and confidence wider wheels and tires give you, and a saddle that screams "cush!" and not "ouch!" The Roll is looking to make a real connection and bond that’s built on the idea of keeping fit and active, but not at the expense of enjoying life.

They say, “Ride to eat. Eat to ride.” Ready to get out there, together?