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Made In Racing

What the Pros Ride

When you race on the biggest stages against the fastest riders in the world, you need to know your bikes and equipment provide every advantage to help you get to the top of the podium. That’s why we work hand in hand with athletes like Loic Bruni, Finn Iles, Laura Stigger, and Christopher Blevins to develop the fastest, most innovative bikes and gear on the mountain.

Specialized Factory Racing

Building on the legacy of the winningest full suspension XC bike in history, this Epic family delivers an unmatched combination of pedaling efficiency, light weight, and control

Meet The Team

Specialized Gravity Team

While we’re holding our breath, Loic Bruni, Finn Iles, and Jordan Williams defy gravity between the tape on the most feral of tracks on their Demo bikes. They are the fastest riders on Earth and we rely on their feedback to develop the fastest bikes on Earth.

Meet The Team

Specialized Enduro Team

Our young, dynamic Enduro team combines experience and grit from many disciplines to the most grueling and demanding style of all mountain racing. These riders push the limits on a daily basis that enables us to continually innovate the bike that defines the very genre that bears its name.

Meet The Team

Specialized Factory E-Racing Team

Every now and then, our Enduro team switches to Turbo mode and saddles up their Levos. The seamless power of the Specialized 2.2 motor offers the team 4x the rider amplification, unmatched tunability, and category-leading control and capability.

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Made in Racing with the Fastest for the Fastest

Mountain Helmets

When our top riders tell us what they want - we listen. Whether it’s aerodynamics, cooling technology or confidence inspiring security when the trail goes bump in the night, we engineer our helmets to meet our riders needs. Helmets like the Evade 3, Prevail 3, and Dissident 2 were all developed through collaboration between our top tier engineers and elite riders who help shape the innovation of our mountain helmets.

There’s a Madness to Our Method

Body Geometry: Recon & 2FO Shoes

Identify a problem. Solve it through design. Validate it with science. This is the approach we take with our shoes. For pedaling power and positive interface with the bike, we need the shoe to fit securely to the foot. This can lead to a compression of the nerves and arteries between the metatarsal bones in the forefoot, which in turn causes numbness or “hot foot,” or both. To solve this, we include a metatarsal button in the insoles of our shoes that lift and separate the metatarsal bones in the forefoot, preventing them from impinging nerves and compressing arteries. Experience these benefits in all our shoes, from the Recon 1.0 to the S-Works Recon and 2FO trail and DH shoes.

S-Works Recon

From recent road converts, to sultans of dirt speed, the new S-Works Recon delivers pavement-bred performance to XC riders.

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The 2FO Family melds unmatched pedal grip of our SlipNot compound with stealthy style and performance. The SlipNot sole delivers a confident and sticky pedal feel that propels riders like Loïc Bruni and Finn Iles to World Cup DH podiums.

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Push the Limits

Mountain Tires

A vast line of mountain tires enable you to choose a compound, casing and tread pattern based on where and how you ride. Ride to Hell and back with grip and confidence.

Ergonomically Designed, Scientifically Proven

Body Geometry Saddles

Identify a problem. Solve it through design. Validate it with science. This is the approach we take with all our saddles from shape to material. Using cutting edge technology we 3D print a complex matrix from liquid-polymer to create our Mirror Technology. Mirror Saddles give riders scientifically improved comfort which leads to better results and a better riding experience. Mirror is the ultimate expression of Body Geometry, and launching it into the future.

Power Saddles

The saddle that started the short nose revolution. Power is our most popular shape and beloved by riders of all disciplines ranging from Tour de France riders to gravity-defying enduro racers. Power saddles provide a supportive sitting area and an extra wide and elongated Body Geometry channel. The Power saddles are available in traditional foam, and our revolutionary Mimic and Mirror technologies.

Romin Evo Saddles

The Romin Evo family is where Body Geometry saddles started. Romin Evo saddles incorporate a long nose, curved shape profile and an elongated Body Geometry channel to support riders that like to be able to move around on the saddle – front to back and side to side. Our Romin Evo saddles are available in traditional foam, and our revolutionary Mimic and Mirror technologies.

Phenom Saddles

The Phenom saddles were developed specifically for all styles of riding on dirt. This is because we incorporate a long nose, supportive sitting area, a rounded, anti-snag tail, and an elongated Body Geometry channel. This is a winning combo for those long days on the trail or for your biggest race. Our Phenom saddles are available in traditional foam, and our revolutionary Mimic technology.

Roval Mountain Wheels and Components

True To Your Ride

Roval wheels and components are true to your ride, however your ride takes shape, wherever your ride takes you, and whoever your ride transforms you into. From your hometown infamous single track to the podiums our riders are often seen upon, Roval is dedicated beyond reason to making the best wheels and components to improve your ride.

Roval Traverse Wheels

We developed the new line-up of three Roval Traverse wheelsets to help every trail rider—from all-mountain riders, to bike-park rippers, to Enduro World Cup racers—realize their dream rides. Each model—Traverse SL II, Traverse HD, Traverse ALLOY—was developed around the pillars of durability, performance, and control, yet each with a specific application.

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Roval Control SL Components

XC races are getting more technical by the season and our Elite racers require a level of precise control like never before - because the biggest flex, is no flex. That’s why we made Roval Control SL components. From an integrated cockpit to wheels and handlebars, we’ve got you covered for your fastest laps.

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