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Counterfeit Awareness

At Specialized, our love for cycling runs deep and it shows in everything we do. We're just like you - passionate riders who always strive to improve the experience for ourselves and our community. Safety is a big deal for us, not just because we ride our own bikes, but because we consider all our customers to be part of our cycling family. So you can bet we take it personally when it comes to counterfeit products. That's why we're dedicated to stopping counterfeiters in their tracks. This guide is here to help you identify and steer clear of them.

What if I've Bought a Counterfeit Product

If you even have the slightest suspicion that you've bought a counterfeit product or come across something fishy online, let us know at [email protected]. Why? Because your safety matters to us, and counterfeit products are a huge risk. The best way to avoid the counterfeits altogether is to shop at an authorized Specialized Retailer or directly on Specialized.com. That way, you can be sure you're getting safe, authentic Specialized products.

How to Spot a Fake

•   Missing Authentic stickers or badging
•   Flimsy, poorly printed packaging
•   Large fonts, misspelled words
•   Poor construction quality
•   Cheap looking materials
•   Loose stitching
•   Abnormally large logos
•   Includes other brand logos
•   Huge discount price

Identifying Counterfeit Products

Examples of counterfeit products, and ways to identify them, are shown below (marked by a red X). If you’ve purchased a product that looks like any of these counterfeit examples, please contact Specialized Brand Security for authentication.

How to Report Counterfeit Products

If you suspect you've purchased a counterfeit product, or you see suspicious products for sale online, please report it to

[email protected].