The Rider-First Engineered™ philosophy is a size-specific approach to frame construction that ensures every frame performs flawlessly. This is achieved through a mix of extensive data acquisition, expert feedback from professional riders, and a meticulous approach to carbon construction.


Rider-First Engineered™

Our Rider-First Engineered™ frames are directly inspired by our relationship with McLaren, meaning that they focus heavily on data-driven design. After all, to understand the reality of a problem, you need sound data, and this can only be derived from hundreds of hours of testing. Of course, the question begs to be asked: What have we been testing for?

Over the years, our engineers found that riders on smaller frames were experiencing ride characteristics that were inverse to that of their larger counterparts—and vice-versa. For example, where a smaller frame is stiff on the flats, it might under-steer in the corners, while the opposite can be true for large frames. Correcting this required sophisticated instruments to quantify the forces being applied to the frame. In real-world testing, these measured the reactionary forces through the fork, stem, saddle—every conceivable input & output. With an immense supply of data in tow, our engineers were able to create the remedy.

It's a different way of developing a bike platform. It's making sure that this bike performs at a level that we'd expect across the entire size range.

To equalize performance, they found that each size's performance targets required direct specificity. This means that, for every frame size, each tube size & carbon layup is specifically selected with the collected data in mind. The result? The optimal balance of rigidity, weight, and responsiveness across every frame size.What does this mean to you? No matter if you're riding a 61cm or a 49cm, you're going to experience the world's best ride, tailored specifically to you. That's Rider-First Engineered™.