Global Garantipolicy

Hos Specialized är vår första vägledande princip att “The Rider is the Boss”. Vår prioritet är att betjäna cyklister med de mest innovativa cykelprodukterna i världen och stå bakom de produkter som vi säljer. Av den anledningen är vi glada att kunna erbjuda en av branschens mest generösa och cyklistvänliga garantipolicyer. Det är enkelt:

Villkor Täckning för registrerade produkter Täckning om den inte är registrerad
Livstidsgaranti* till den ursprungliga ägaren mot konstruktionsfel i material eller utförande på ALLA modeller av Specialized ramar och gafflar

• Inkluderar sadelstag och kedjestag på fulldämpade cyklar.
• Inkluderar inte dämpade framgafflar eller dämpningskomponenter.
• Omfattar inte färg och grafik (dessa behandlas nedan)
Livstidsgaranti* på Roval-hjul LEVENSDUUR 2 ÅR
Andra Specialized-märkta produkter omfattas av en tvåårig garanti.

• Färg och grafik på ramar och ramset
• Specialized-märkta komponenter
• Co-branded dämpning (BRAIN)
• Motorer och drivsystem på elcyklar
• Utrustning
• Hjälmar
• Skor
2 ÅR 2 ÅR
Turbo-batterier har en garanti på 2 år eller 300 laddningscykler - beroende på vilketsom inträffar först. 2 ÅR 2 ÅR
Specialized-kläder och andra föremål som inte listas omfattas av 1 års garanti. 1 ÅR 1 ÅR
Efterföljande ägare (andra eller senare) omfattas av en tvåårig garanti från och med datumet för det ursprungliga inköpet av den ursprungliga köparen. 2 ÅR 2 ÅR

**Registrera din cykel, ditt ramset eller dina Roval-hjul inom de första 90 dagarna efter köpet för att få livstidsgaranti för den ursprungliga ägaren.

Specialized Warranty FAQs

How do I submit a warranty claim to Specialized?
Contact your Authorized Specialized Retailer and they will help you through the process. If you've purchased your product on Specialized.com, contact Specialized Rider Care directly.

What documentation do I need for my claim?
As a start, you will need to provide the part you want warrantied, along with the original proof of purchase, to an Authorized Specialized Retailer. For products purchased on Specialized.com, Rider Care will provide instructions on claim submittal.

What is NOT covered by your warranty?
Replacement of wear and tear parts, damage from a crash or other accidental damage, and damage from abuse or corrosion are all examples of what is not covered. See the complete warranty policy for a more detailed list.

I am not eligible for a warranty. Do you have a program to help me?
Yes. Our Assisted Replacement Program may offer preferred pricing for riders that are not eligible for warranty. For further details on terms and eligibility, contact your retailer.

I have a warranty issue with a non-Specialized component on a Specialized bike. What should I do?
"3rd party" components (e.g. SRAM or Shimano) are warrantied directly by that manufacturer. Separate warranty information for these parts should have been included with your bike when you purchased it. Contact your nearest Authorized Specialized Retailer for assistance.

Complete Warranty Policy

Select your region to download the policy in the local language. If your country is not one of the available options, select “Global Policy” and select your desired language.

cloud_downloadUNITED KINGDOM


In addition to our limited warranty, many Specialized and Roval-branded products are covered under our Assisted Replacement Policy. If you damage an eligible product while riding and it’s not covered under warranty, we’ll replace or repair it at a discounted price.

Eligible products*Coverage period
Frames and framesetsLifetime
BRAIN-equipped rear shocks**5 years
Roval-branded products***
Carbon components (handlebars, stems, seat posts, cranks, saddles)
Turbo electronic components (batteries, motors, displays, remotes, electronic cables)
Helmets & Shoes

*The Assisted Replacement Policy applies only to Specialized or Roval-branded product. It does not apply to third-party components on your bicycle, though that manufacturer may have their own program available. Check with your retailer.

**Suspension forks are not included. Suspension parts are also not considered part of the frame or frameset.

Discount Structure

Alt rabat er baseret på vejledende udsalgspris. Prisen kan derfor variere afhængigt af din lokation

Assisted Replacement Priser
Under 3 år35% discount
> 3 til < 4 år25% discount
> 4 og < 5 år 20% discount
> 5 år* 20% Rabat

*Kun gældende for rammer og rammesæt

Important Terms For The Assisted Replacement Policy

In all cases, the policy applies only to damage that happened during riding. It does not apply to cosmetic damage.

To take advantage of this policy, you must go to an Authorized Specialized Retailer. Depending on the damage, we’ll determine in our discretion whether to replace or repair the product. The pricing for the replacement or repair depends on your location, the product, and how long you’ve owned it. Your retailer will have the details. A valid proof of purchase is required (this applies to subsequent owners, too.) We do not keep inventory forever. If your product needs to be replaced and we no longer have it in stock, we’ll try our best to find you the most similar product then available.

Shipping costs are never included, and your Specialized retailer may charge you for labor or administrative costs. Your retailer will retain possession of the damaged product so it can be properly disposed.

Coverage period is based on the purchase date of the original product. The period does not start over when a product is replaced.

We stand behind our products and want to make sure you are completely satisfied, but we do reserve our right to deny coverage if we determine in our discretion that the policy is being abused.

If you have any questions about our Warranty or Assisted Replacement policies, please drop us a line: Rider Care Form

Specialized Assisted Replacement FAQs

Who qualifies for Assisted Replacement?
Original retail purchasers and subsequent owners all qualify, if a valid proof of purchase is presented.

What qualifies as a valid proof of purchase?
Original receipts, bank or credit/debit card statements.

I crashed and I damaged my bike frame. Can I get a discount?
Yes, if you meet the guidelines of ownership and time period laid out above and have a valid proof of purchase.

Are drivetrain items like cassettes, chains, shifters, or brakes included?
Only Specialized or Roval-branded products are covered. For 3rd party products that came as original equipment on Specialized bikes, check directly with the original manufacturer for coverage.

What if I have an issue with a product not listed in the table?
Products not specifically listed do not qualify for Assisted Replacement. Contact Rider Care with any questions.