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    History of the Roubaix

    No other bike has been as dominant at Paris-Roubaix as the Roubaix. With six wins to date, our Roubaix has used the Hell of the North’s vicious cobbles as the ultimate testing ground for its lineage of revolutionary technology, proving year after year that Smoother is indeed Faster. Here is its story.

    2004 Roubaix

    "Your option in the late ‘90s was a very stiff, steep angle, super-short chainstay race bike, and that didn’t work because you couldn’t fit real-world tires. It was harsh. It wasn’t the right bike for many hours in the saddle. So, we made the Roubaix."
    — Rodney Hines, Inventor of the Original Roubaix

    2008 Roubaix SL2

    The signing of the Tom Boonen and the Quick-Step team in 2007 drove the development of the Roubaix SL2. It represented a step-wise improvement in the overall torsional and rear-triangle stiffness that resulted in a bike that was agile and supreme in its handling, while still being extremely vertically compliant. Tom had back-to-back Paris-Roubaix victories on this chassis in 2008 and 2009.