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    May 11, 2021

    Introducing Jett - an adjustable kid’s bike to kick-start a lifetime of riding

    From learning to balance to ripping trails, Specialized designs bikes to keep kids riding.

    Today Specialized introduced the latest addition to their kid’s bike fleet with Jett, an adjustable, perfectly proportional, and child-liftable bike for the next generation of riders.

    Cultivating a love of riding is more important than ever as young people look to the bike as a tool for freedom and community and as parents look for a safe, fun way to get kids out and active. Jett is the perfect option for roads and neighborhoods, joining Specialized’s fleet of youth bikes that range from balance bikes to ripping trail bikes.

    Specialized has spent nearly 50 years focused on building the best bikes by listening to riders. The creation of Jett started with talking to parents, kids, and consulting with the best fitters in cycling to better understand what would keep kids riding. Due to growth spurts and growth patterns, the perfect fit of an average kid’s bike may be short-lived. The design goal for Jett was to provide a perfect fit for up to 50% longer by fine-tuning the geometry and components, resulting in a bike that can achieve the perfect fit for up to 30 months, or three summers.

    Time to Jett
    Jett was designed with the same fit and engineering tactics used for world champion cyclists. During a Bring Your Kids to Work Day at the Specialized office, the team studied the mechanics of how kids ride, examining arm reach, body placement, knee alignment, and pedal strokes. The team realized the average kid’s bike is not a one size fits all solution and that customization was an obvious evolution for the category.

    “In our research, we found that many kids become discouraged or frustrated when they outgrow their bike, often resulting from unspoken discomforts which ultimately cause them to not want to ride,” said Eric Fischer, Product Manager for Specialized’s Kid’s Bikes. “With Jett, we have maximized the lifespan of the bike to ensure a more comfortable ride that will allow kids to keep riding as they grow.”

    By extending the window for a better fitting bike, Specialized has managed to increase comfort, address and eliminate common pain points, prevent future injuries, and improve a young rider’s ability to perform on the bike.

    Customized to Keep Kids Riding
    With the new Specialized kids bike Fit Tool, parents can easily adapt Jett to achieve the best fit. Jett’s adjustability features two crank positions, adjustable handlebars, and an extra-long seat post all with measurement markings for accurate positioning.

    Jett’s kids-specific saddle and narrow q-factor crank allow for correct hip-knee-ankle alignment to help avoid knee pain while also improving pedaling power. For more confident handling, Jett features narrow diameter grips and short reach brake levers for smaller hands.

    Recommended for kids ages 5-12, Jett is available in 16-inch, 20-inch, and 24-inch wheel sizes, with both multi-speed and single-speed options, and every Jett will have front and rear hand brakes. Jett is available through local Specialized Authorized Retailers and on Specialized.com for $450 (Jett Single-Speed 16′′), $475 (Jett Single-Speed 20′′), $520 (Jett Multi-Speed 20′′), and $580 (Jett Multi-Speed 24′′).

    About Specialized:
    Specialized Bicycle Components was founded in 1974 by riders for riders. Based in Northern California, we focus on the rider’s need for functional and technically advanced products that provide a performance benefit.


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