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    24-Hour Visibility

    Can You See Me Now?

    From zero-dark-thirty to high noon, visibility is the key to getting that extra meter of room on the road. Our 24-hour Visibility Collection uses multiple strategies—from color and reflectivity, to biomotion and lights—to help you be seen in any lighting condition, and it does it all with simplicity, style, and performance. It’s the only visibility collection you’ll actually want to be seen in.

    HyprViz Collection

    Color, Reflectivity, Biomotion

    At the core of 24-Hour Visibility is our HyprViz collection, built around our exclusive Hyper Green color. Without getting into the science and wizardry, Hyper Green reflects the wavelength of light that’s most sensitive to the human eye. Bottom line? There’s no color more visible to motorists during the day.

    Hyper colors are great during the day, but when the sun begins to dip below the horizon, reflectivity and biomotion are your keys to visibility. We start with the most reflective materials available and strategically place them on HyprViz apparel in the areas that take advantage of your body’s motion—legs, feet, and arms. These spots catch the eye and make you more visible to motorists.