Cross Country Mountain Bikes

Since the earliest days of mountain biking, our passion for cross country has been unwavering. From Ned 'The Captain' Overend winning Worlds in 1990 to Jaroslav Kulhavý riding his Epic 29 to both an XC World Championship and Olympic Gold, we give XC racers the fastest, podium-bound XC mountain bikes possible.

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Product Family
Brake Type
Model Year
S-Works Epic AXS
kr119,999.00 kr119,999.00
S-Works Epic Hardtail AXS
kr109,999.00 kr109,999.00
Men's S-Works Epic
kr99,999.00 kr99,999.00
Women's S-Works Epic
kr99,999.00 kr99,999.00
S-Works Epic Hardtail Ultralight
kr96,999.00 kr96,999.00
S-Works Epic Hardtail
kr87,999.00 kr87,999.00
Men's Epic Pro
kr74,999.00 kr74,999.00
Epic Hardtail Pro
kr64,999.00 kr64,999.00
Epic Expert EVO
kr59,999.00 kr59,999.00
Epic Hardtail Pro
kr59,999.00 kr59,999.00
Men's Epic Expert
kr57,999.00 kr57,999.00
Epic Hardtail Expert
kr47,999.00 kr47,999.00
Women's Epic Comp Carbon
kr45,999.00 kr45,999.00
S-Works Epic Frameset
kr45,999.00 kr45,999.00
Men's Epic Comp Carbon
kr45,999.00 kr45,999.00
Epic Hardtail Expert
kr43,999.00 kr43,999.00
Epic Comp EVO
kr35,999.00 kr35,999.00
S-Works Epic Hardtail Frameset - LTD
kr31,999.00 kr31,999.00