Men's Epic Hardtail

This isn't just the lightest mountain bike frame we've ever made, it's our lightest frame—period. The Men's Epic Hardtail was redesigned from the ground-up to give you an unparalleled performance advantage on the XC track. It flies up hills with ease, sends descents with confidence, and wastes nary a watt. Consider it a cross country revolution, and remember, this is going to be epic.

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Model Year
S-Works Epic Hardtail AXS
kr109,999.00 kr109,999.00
S-Works Epic Hardtail Ultralight
kr96,999.00 kr96,999.00
S-Works Epic Hardtail
kr87,999.00 kr87,999.00
Epic Hardtail Pro
kr64,999.00 kr64,999.00
Epic Hardtail Pro
kr59,999.00 kr59,999.00
Epic Hardtail Expert
kr47,999.00 kr47,999.00
Epic Hardtail Expert
kr43,999.00 kr43,999.00
S-Works Epic Hardtail Frameset - LTD
kr31,999.00 kr31,999.00
S-Works Epic Hardtail Frameset
kr31,999.00 kr31,999.00
Epic Hardtail Comp
kr29,999.00 kr29,999.00
Men's Epic Hardtail Comp
kr27,999.00 kr27,999.00