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    Passing the Torch

    Performance at Every Level

    It’s a phrase that means to pass wisdom, knowledge, and expertise to another, but with Torch road shoes, it’s not just symbolic. We take innovations, refined through developing shoes for the world’s best athletes, and pass them on to you. Performance at every level—which Torch will you take?

    Unmatched Innovation

    The S-Works 7 Road shoes are our pinnacle high-performance offering, but the innovation and spirit that goes into making them the world-beaters they are is passed on to you with the Torch family of shoes. Each boasts the same performance mindset, Body Geometry comfort, and style of the S-Works 7, but at a level ready-made for your cycling journey.

    Whatever your goals, there’s a Torch for you.

    Lay Down The Power

    Torch 3.0

    This is as near to the S-Works 7 as you can get, with the quick-adjust convenience of two Boa® dials, and the stiffest carbon sole in the Torch line to ensure you lay down some serious watts. It’s the best of innovation passed on—all the premium performance benefits with none of the pro-price.