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    Your Ride Depends on This

    We don’t keep our passion for tires a secret. Hell, the first thing we ever made was a tire, and since then, we’ve spent countless hours perfecting our craft. From revolutionary tread patterns and rubber compounds to obsessively designed casings, we have one goal—to give you the ride of your life. So, no matter how or where you ride, our tires are sure to give you the best experience possible.

    Road Tires

    The World's Fastest Tires

    World Championships, Paris-Roubaix victories, Olympic Gold—yeah, our road tires have some serious palmarès behind them. But as riders, we also know that finding a tire that’s fast rolling, lightweight, supple, and tough on flats isn’t easy. Don’t worry, though, because we got you covered. We’ve been developing tires for over four decades, and in that time, we’ve perfected the craft. Exclusive compounds, perfect tread patterns, unrivaled durability, award-winning speed—we’re always pushing boundaries to make sure that you get the best ride possible.

    Mountain Tires

    Roll Fast, Rail Corners

    The right tires transform the mundane into something magical. Whether you’re a trail rider, XC racer, or casual cruiser, an experience-tailored blend of traction, durability, and handling are the key to a proper ride. That’s why our compounds, tread patterns, and casing technologies have been fine-tuned and perfected over the decades, and they’ve been proven at the highest levels with Gold Medals, Rainbow Stripes, and overflowing stoke meters.

    Dream Factory

    Perfection is all about control. To achieve it, you need to look confidently towards the future and foresee every possible variable. And when it comes to tire production, it can only be achieved by controlling every step of the manufacturing process. So that’s what we did. We made our own factory.

    Cyclocross & Gravel Tires

    Whether you do it on the ’cross course, on your weekend adventures, or while you’re out competing in a gravel race, there’s just something about riding drop bars off-road that’s just, well, fun. But while it’s bundles of fun, mixed-terrain riding presents a unique set of requirements for your tires—they have to be fast rolling, reliable, durable, and have plenty of traction both on- and off-road. And this is why we’ve spent so many sleepless nights developing the absolute best compounds, casings, and tread patterns for the tough task at hand. You have fun, we’ll do the hard stuff.

    Urban & E-Bike Tires

    When it comes to tire technology, fitness and e-bike tires probably aren’t the first categories that come to mind. But in reality, they have some lofty job duties—they have to be puncture-resistant, last a long time, and have enough grip and traction that you feel confident and secure in the worst imaginable conditions. Luckily, we have a host of exclusive technologies, like our Armadillo flat protection, that have been developed to deliver on all these fronts so you can have one less thing to worry about.