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    It's you, only faster.

    Turbo Bikes from Specialized - A way to change the world for the better. Start cycling again. It will still be you, only faster.

    Mary, Steven, Jenny and Dave. Four completely mismatched individuals (people) who meet in the office every day. Is there anything they could have in common? Each one of them is completely different. And yet… One thing changed everyone's life for the better and conjured up a huge smile on their face.


    This is Mary. It used to be impossible to find a smile on her face while she was on a bike. She tried everything to avoid cycling trips with her husband, a passionate cyclist. The days of suffering seemed to end when a thief stole her bike. The smile was back… but not for long. A "surprise" awaited her under the Christmas tree.An Electric bike? Her smile was replaced by a tear in her eye. The tear was not of joy though, but of sadness. However, the enthusiasm with which her husband praised the new “family member” was highly contagious. And Mary? She suddenly forgot what she had previously thought about cycling. She started anew and absolutely fell in love with riding the TURBO COMO SL.


    Have any of you ever seen Steven arrive on time? Of course not! Steven spent most of his "productive" life behind the wheel in annoying traffic jams. And when he was not stuck in traffic, another inconvenience would always complicate his life. But every man has his limits. Even Steven. And one day Steven said “Enough!” He discovered that the TURBO VADO SL has the potential to change his world and the world around him. Now he actually enjoys trips through the city jungle. He is calm, always smiling and most importantly, he is everywhere on time.


    Jenny, the golden standard of the millennial generation. Nothing which is "IN" escapes her. She is a pro at riding the wave of trends. Maybe that's why her last adventure was surfing… But oh no! The conditions for surfing, are not exactly the best in our neighborhood. The Gravel is cool and you don't need the sea or waves to ride it. The freedom, the adventure and tons of experiences. The TURBO CREO SL EVO takes her off the roads and even faster than she could ever imagine.


    Young, hard working and moving up in the world. This is exactly what Dave is. The phone in his office is constantly ringing and his boss is always dumping tricky assignments on him. How does he handle this? He's not stupid. He's a pragmatist. He just wants to do as much as possible after work. Fly up a hill, race down a trail and enjoy a ton of fun. The TURBO LEVO was a clear choice. The hills become shorter and there is more joy to be had. It's still Dave, only faster.