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    Legend Status

    While filming a spot in Los Angeles with Justin Williams and his L39ION team for the Ares shoe launch, we had a unique opportunity to connect the dots with a different sort of footwear. Eric Koston has been holding it down in his sport for about as long as it has been a thing. So, when the chance arose to connect a champion on the road with a true skate legend, we jumped at it.

    Set & Setting

    Situated across from one another in the heart of Silver Lake, both the fantastical shop Golden Saddle Cyclery and the sneaker store Undefeated were gracious enough to allow us the use of their spaces. They were the perfect meeting spots for Justin and Eric to talk bikes at one, sneakers at the other, and their love for all things culture at both.

    Kick Check

    Both Eric and Justin brought a few of their favorite sneakers as conversation starters and it didn’t take long before they were off to the races. Undefeated was the ideal backdrop to talk styles and materials, color choices, and favorite silhouettes. The Koston Jordan 1 Low was an obvious favorite for its bright colors and backstory. However, the true prize of the day was when Eric Koston presented Justin Williams with a pair of his Koston Kobe’s to take home.