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    Equipment of the Tour

    What the Pros Ride

    The first week of the Tour has been nothing short of organized chaos. Fast sprints, punchy climbs, hot days, Roubaix cobbles—you name it, they’ve done it. And to battle these crazy conditions, it's taken an army of equipment from Yours Truly. Now, you can see what the world’s fastest riders are riding, and then stock-up to your heart's content.


    Faster, Cooler Heads

    Depending upon the day, both Quickstep-Floors and Bora–hansgrohe decide between the S-Works Evade and the S-Works Prevail II. And while the aerodynamics of the new Evade often rule the roost, when the mercury begins to bubble, the Prevail II is the best option. It’s cooler than not wearing a helmet, and still features an aerodynamic benefit that most lightweight helmets lack. And yes, both have helped in racking up stage wins this year.

    S-Works 7

    Explosive Speed, Superior Comfort

    When just the right amount of comfort, power transfer, and style come together, you get something special—you get the S-Works 7 shoes. Raced by riders on both the Quickstep-Floors and Bora–hansgrohe teams, they’ve been designed to be stiff enough to win stages, but they're comfortable enough to endure the 3,351-kilometer, 21-day stage race that is the Tour.