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    Turbo Creo SL Comp E5


    Turbo Creo SL Comp E5

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    We deliver! Just say when and how.

    We have a long history of developing the world's highest performing road bikes. Tarmac, Venge, Roubaix, Allez, Diverge—each one dominates their respective category, featuring the best technologies in the industry. And while that's a tough palmarès to follow, the Turbo Creo SL redefines e-road bike performance. It's lightweight, smooth, capable, and lively—all with the power to flatten mountains, laugh at headwinds, and go farther than you ever thought possible. It's you, only faster.

    The Turbo Creo SL E5 Comp features an E5 Premium Aluminum frame and a Future Shock 1.5. For the spec, we included a 1x Shimano GRX group to take on shifting and braking duties, while DT R470 Boost™ wheels get wrapped in 28mm Turbo Pro tires to keep you rolling worry-free. And for the saddle, you'll find that our fan-favorite Body Geometry Power Sport provides plenty of comfort.

    Technical Specifications

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    Specialized E5 Premium Aluminum frame, Open Road Geometry, front/rear thru-axles, fully integrated down tube battery, internal cable routing, fender/rack mounts, Boost™ 12x148mm

    Seat Binder

    Alloy, 30.8mm



    Future Shock 1.5 w/ Smooth Boot, Boost™ 12x110mm thru-axle, flat-mount disc



    Specialized Hover Comp, Alloy, 125mm Drop, 75mm Reach w/Di2 Hole


    Body Geometry Power Sport, steel rails


    Future Stem, Comp


    Roubaix S-Wrap


    Carbon, single-bolt, 27.2mm


    Front Brake

    Shimano 105, Hydraulic disc

    Rear Brake

    Shimano 105, Hydraulic disc


    Rear Derailleur

    Shimano GRX810 , Shadow Plus, 11-speed

    Shift Levers

    Shimano GRX 810 hydraulic brake levers, mechanical shifting


    Sunrace, 11-speed, alloy spider, 11-42t


    Praxis Forged/M30 Spindle Interface




    KMC X11 Extra Lightweight, 11-speed

    Wheels & Tires

    Front Wheel

    DT R470 Boost, 12x110mm

    Rear Wheel

    DT R470 Boost, 12x148mm

    Front Tire

    Specialized Turbo Pro, 700x28mm

    Rear Tire

    Specialized Turbo Pro, 700x28mm

    Inner Tubes

    Presta valve, 48mm



    Specialized SL 1.1, custom lightweight motor


    Specialized TCU, 10-LED State of charge, 3-LED Ride Mode display, ANT+/Bluetooth®


    Specialized SL1-320, fully integrated, 320Wh


    Custom charger, 48V System w/ SL system charger plug

    Wiring Harness

    Custom Specialized wiring harness w/ chargeport

    * Weights based on production painted frames as pictured. Actual weights will vary based on colourway, frame size, and component variation. Specifications are subject to change without notice.


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    Crank Length170mm172.5mm172.5mm175mm175mm
    Handlebar Width400mm420mm420mm440mm440mm
    Stem Length90mm100mm100mm110mm110mm
    Saddle Width155mm143mm143mm143mm143mm
    Seatpost Length350mm350mm400mm400mm400mm
    Head-Tube Length145.5mm163.5mm185.5mm217mm250mm
    Head-Tube Angle72°72.5°73°73°73°
    B-B Height264.5mm267mm267mm269.5mm269.5mm
    B-B Drop80.5mm78mm78mm75.5mm75.5mm
    Fork Length (full)390mm390mm390mm390mm390mm
    Fork Rake/Offset50mm50mm50mm50mm50mm
    Chain-Stay Length426mm426mm427mm427mm428mm
    Top-Tube Length (horizontal)539mm548mm566mm581mm605mm
    Bike Stand-Over Height731mm759mm782mm810mm840mm
    Seat-Tube Length447.5mm477.5mm502.5mm527.5mm557.5mm
    Seat-Tube Angle74°74°73.5°73.5°73°

    Rider Reviews

    • 4.9
    • 17 Reviews

    This bike is FANTASTIC!

    I have been a serious cyclist for 52 years. However, I now have nerve damage in my leg & can no longer stand on the pedals or climb hills much over 7%. I wanted something that did not look like an e-bike. After much research, I chose the Specialized Turbo Creo SL Comp E5. This thing is amazing! It is very easy to pedal once moving. There is no resistance from the motor at all when it is off. The only time it feels heavy is when moving it around to park it (mine is 35 lbs with bottle and pack). I like to push myself when on the bike. Therefore, I set the motor assist to compensate for the extra 13 pounds it weighs over my steel road bike. I first tried the motor=10 & ease=25. It was too easy for me. I now use motor=10 & ease=20. As a result, I am getting INSANE total range out of the battery (no battery extender). I get 430-500 mi range. So far, I have ridden it 13 times (428 mi), topped it off in the charger twice, & have never gotten below 44% charge on the battery.



    Best bike for rehab - wish I did it sooner!

    I messed up my knee a few years back and it just wasn't getting better.  I could ride a Peloton for 15 mins and everything would feel fine - 2 days later I could barely walk.  Thought I'd have to give up cycling for good. Found some quad exercises that built me back enough to ride my old bike again. Once a week, increasing slowly from 6mi to 15.  Sore for a week, but happy to be out again.  Riding time was 90 mins, lunch in-between.  Was getting better, but still limited to flat parts as the hills near me were just too steep. After a few tests, I did my old 40mi ride and came back with 18% battery - assist on the entire time.  The next week, 30%, turning it off occasionally. Each week, turning if off more and more. 50%... 60%, and yesterday got back with 79%, only having used it for really steep or long hills.  My total moving time yesterday was 3h 20 mins (lunch in the middle) and it's just getting better and better.  This bike is amazing and has me cycling again!

    Would Recommend?



    Changed my life

    I'm 71, have been riding a Lightspeed for 30 years. Time has caught up with me, and my rides were getting harder and shorter. I bought this bike a month ago and can hardly stop riding. Back to many of my jarder favorite rides. I just love this bike.

    Would Recommend?



    Game changer

    I'm in my early 70's and have been an avid bike rider for nearly 40 years. 3K miles per year. The past year or two, I've really slowed down, to the point where my rides are shorter and I avoid some of my favorite hilly rides. I took the jump to this bike, and it has really changed my life. The joy of riding is back, I'm doing longer rides again and loving it. It took a little while to get over the idea that I was getting some assist, but I' so happy that I made the jump. I just went out for a ride on my old Light Speed, and it was torture again, so I guess I'll donate it to a younger rider. I can't recommend this bike strongly enough.

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    Amazing Ride Minor Tweaks

    Wanted to rate 4.5 but half stars are not possible. Perfect for making my 32 mile round trip commute more manageable and way faster than my standard road bike. Love that it's pedal assist and not just a throttle, and has the look and feel of a road bike, I was not interested in a giant utility style ebike. Did not receive 5 stars because the pedal assist level button is on the top tube, but an after market remote can put buttons on the handlebars. After installing that remote I would stress it is a must have and really should be part of the stock build, the change in ride is night and day. On downhills or long straight aways I wish I had one more gear to really speed along. Overall an amazing bike I would highly recommend.



    great bike

    Love this bike. Its heavy but you have a motor. I did a 25 mile ride with power on and motor off. The bike rolled smooth just like my carbon road bike. The gearing is great so even on smaller hills I easily got over without power. Even if my battery died I feel I could do every hill that I can do on my carbon bike because of the low gearing. when you hit the big hills on a ride I just use power. I did 65 miles with 3000 feet of climbing on my first 3 rides to test the battery. I ran out off power as I pulled into yard. I am 240 pounds so I feel getting 65 miles is great and this is before I knew I could turn motor off so I was on eco mode on all the flat sections and sport and turbo on hills. I tuned mission control settings. I have overall setting in eco. Fine tune settings are eco support 25, power 25, sport is 50%-50% and turbo is 100%100%.



    Fantastic bike

    All-around fantastic bike. This is one of the best purchase I ever made. I hope to keep this bike for many years to come, and it is very sturdy and smooth ride good for all ages and entry level to expert!



    Game changer

    Absolute game changer. I was looking for a bike that would get me back out after nearly 2 years. Having Arthur Itus in my knees makes it difficult to climb step hills/rises, but the motor makes it so much easier. Over the 15mph assistance you do the work, so you still get a workout when you increase your speed. The ride is smooth with the future shock.

    Would Recommend?

    Verified Buyer


    Robert C.


    Superb bike (until it was stolen)

    There is nothing not to like about this bike. I am 83 and was looking for an e-bike that I could easily lift onto my bike rack; I believe I was told this bike weighs 33 pounds and it was an easy lift for me. The bike has great power assist when needed. I normally cruise at the first setting about 15 mph and managed to get it up to 35 mph when riding down a steep hill from a reservoir near my home. Now that it has been stolen, I am shopping for a replacement. Chuck

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    Astounding experience

    When you graduate from your conventional Specialized road bike (ALR-4 for me) to the Creo (SL for me) you are transformed into a 29yr old (now 74yr for me) endurance speedster. You know when your moving along your favorite roads at 11-14mph and the young boys and girls pass you at 16-18mph like your standing still? WELL, NOT NO MORE FOLKS! Riding at my normal tempo 80rpm I am averaging 17.9mph on 15-40 mile rides. The only indication I have is I get home so much sooner and the two dogs on my ride can’t even get close to me. I thought the computer was off? Holy cow. Range anxiety? I have more worry with my cell phone battery and my EV battery than I do with the Creo. On flat with rolling hills I average about 1 to 1-1/2% per mile usage. I even took my charger and extension cord in a pannier for first 10 rides. Not no more! The battery charge lasts longer if you are 65mph or more. I use Turbo to cross roads and highways at 2-way stop signs or very windy climbs. NEVER GOING BACK!!

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