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    Flying on Wheels

    Turbo Como

    They say flying is reserved for the birds. We say you can fly… on two wheels. The new Turbo Como is made to soar, with a smooth ride, rocket-ship power, and long-range capabilities. It’s also designed to jam the bike thieves’ frequencies using high-tech security. Fly free, fly far on the Turbo Como.

    Smooth Ride

    Confident Feeling

    Supernatural Power

    Pedal Assist Up to 4x You

    Ride-Anywhere Range

    Up to 90 mi/120 km

    Effortless Assist

    Smooth pedal engagement feels totally natural (only faster).

    Unlimited Carry-Ons

    Capacity to haul anything you need (including kiddos).

    Nail the Dismount

    Our lowest step-through available allows for easy mounts and dismounts.

    Walk It Out

    Walk mode helps you push up steep hills and even helps the bike balance.

    Bike Thieves Hate This Bike

    The word is getting out on the streets: You don’t want to try to steal a Turbo Como. The bike comes baked in with some powerful anti-theft technology.

    Versatility to Get the Job Done

    Shift Gears Your Way

    Gear Up