My name is Mingeun Jo, an adventure specialist who likes outdoor activities: backpacking, moto camping, and bike camping. Forests and camping are my favorite from nature, and I like to document them on record.



As a rider, I seem to be a ‘slowcoach’.

I think a lot about how to go slower without being tied down by ranks, records, or figures.

Going slow also means simply going slow in speed but it is a way to see and feel more in my sense. Sometimes, I sit on the saddle of a bicycle and feel things I haven't experienced: the things that I just passed through in my busy daily life

As I go a little slower, I feel the scenery, people, and the wind that I could normally pass by.

#Better Tomorrow

“Tomorrow” is the driving force in my life that keeps me challenging and makes me not being self-complacent.

Since there is tomorrow, I am living today, and I can spend each day for a better me tomorrow. Have been not satisfied with today, you can live up with simple mindset; "I can do better tomorrow."

#Bike Camping in Jeju Island

I went camping on a bike in Jeju Island February 2022.

When camping with a bike, the weight of the camping equipment is added by 10 to 15 kg roughly. So, every time you go bike camping, you must be very determined to go no journey. If you encounter an uphill or a rough road while riding, you have to walk the bike or take a break to go onward.

Nevertheless, it doesn't really matter if the course is uphill or rough during a bike camping trip on the Tero. Thank you Tero for making the trip so much fun!

#Ordinary but Extraordinary

One of the most impressive things about this crossover adventure with Tero was the experience at Bukak Skyway. It is where I used to ride with a road-bike. If you are a Korean cyclist, Bukak Skyway is the prime path to climb with all your might. This time I climbed the Bukak Skyway on the Tero, it went up so easily like a piece of cake, even overtaking riders riding in Bukak.

On a road bike, I would have climbed up by just looking at the ground on the way. This time I could enjoy the views and sceneries. It was a whole different experience in a place I usually go to.

#Why I Ride

When it comes to riding a bike, there seems to be something grandiose, but I think it is a means of feeling a simple joy. I think that when little happiness comes together, it becomes a great pleasure.

The scent of the wind that passed by while traveling on a bicycle, the wonderful scenery slowly paces, greetings with riders coming across, a moment of running to a convenience store for cold drinks on a hot summer day, and more.

These little feelings of happiness while riding a bicycle come to me as a real emotion in the future, and I think that happiness gives me strength to live day by day. And even after a long time, those memories does not easily fade.

#Crossover Tero

Tero is a bike that skips the moment of going through worries. When preparing for a ride or bike trip, you have no choice but to think about the difficulty of the journey, the environment, and the weather. If you think too much, you may give up, or even hesitate on a trip.

I have experienced the moment that magically unlink the process of worrying about riding. I can simply go out with no hesitance. Tero adds pleasure not only to everyday life but also to travel.