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Take It Easy

When we all started riding, we did it because it was fun. Shoot, the only rule when we were kids was to be home before the streetlights turned on. But as adults, there are more rules than we care to count—straight on down to what hashtag to use when you post your ride. Well, we say forget that business. The Roll is newly dubbed re-claimer of fun, and hey, we won't tell anyone if you want to get a workout in, either.

Feeling Good in Every Way

Comfort = Fun

When you're comfy, you're happy—pretty sure there's a Bhutanese study somewhere to support that. But it follows commonsense, right? And the Roll is all about that. It puts you in a sublime upright position that simply screams "ride however you want," while every part of the bike that touches your body is tailored for superlative comfort. So cheers to spending more time having fun and to less time wishing you were.

Body Geometry Saddle

Oh so Comfy

The first thing we all notice on a bike is the saddle. If it sucks, we tend to think that the bike sucks—just being real. But with the Roll, the most comfortable saddle you've ever ridden isn't an upgrade, it's included. No discomfort. No numbness. Just awesome. It's a ton of work to make, but your butt is worth it.

Body Geometry Grips

Never Want to Let Go

If you're a super Type-A rock climber, rough hands might be the sign of a good day. But for the rest of us, that just doesn't sound so great. Don't worry, though, because the Roll has grips that are so nice, you'll never want to let go. Well, you will eventually, but you get the point, right? These things are comfy, and if you're curious, there's heaps of science behind them to make sure of it.

Reflective Nimbus Tires

Be Seen, Be Protected

Nothing ruins a ride faster than a flat, which is why the Roll comes set up with our tough Reflective Nimbus tires. They have our BlackBelt protection (hiii-yaaa) that helps keep flats to a minimum, and just as importantly, they're pretty darn wide so you get tons of comfort and control. And for the icing on this rubber cake, we gave them a reflective sidewall that'll help increase your visibility to others out there on the road.

"The Roll is down for anything, so the only thing holding it back is your imagination."

420 Roll

For Budding Riders

When you roll up on this, you’ll be making a statement—here’s a person that’s super chill and really, really into plants. Because if there’s one thing at the core of this Roll, it’s a laid-back attitude that’s a little less “GO” and a lot more “whooooaaa”

Roll Your Own

The Roll is the kind of bike you want to put your mark on—and that's just what we let a bunch of Specialized designers do. Take a little internal competition, a little imagination, and let the good times Roll.