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Men's S-Works Tarmac

2018 Men's S-Works Tarmac

The previous Tarmac had an exceptional palmarès—a win in every Grand Tour, plus two World Championships—so you might ask yourself, "why a new Tarmac?" Well, we've never been one to rest on our laurels, which is why we're constantly hunting for even the smallest of improvements. In other words, we innovate or die. And for this exact reason, the new S-Works Tarmac breaks all the traditions of race bike design to create the fastest bike for all conditions.

For the construction, we utilized advanced aerospace composite optimization software to revolutionize the construction and layup of our new FACT 12r carbon. It's the most advanced material and schedule we've ever made—the shape, schedule, and material optimization allowed us to shed nearly 200 grams. That's right, a 20% reduction in frame weight—the perfect recipe for your next hill climb PR.

We started by further improving our Rider-First Engineered™ technology to ensure that the new Tarmac is stiff and compliant in exactly the right places, all while shedding some serious weight. With this revamp, we also updated the geometry—basing it on countless Retül data points and professional rider input. This enabled us to develop a performance road geometry that perfects the combination of a responsive front end and short wheelbase, delivering instantaneous response and optimal power transfer.

And while stiffness aids in the aforementioned, compliance must also be utilized for an optimal ride quality. That's why we designed a seatpost that builds compliance into the upper 120mm where clamping doesn't happen, dropped the seatstays, and altered the seat tube shape. We also added tire clearance up to 30mm, which translates to a 28mm Turbo Cotton on a Roval CLX 50 wheel. This allows lower pressures for decreased rolling resistance, increased traction, and more comfort. Altogether, these additions still have the Tarmac riding like a true race-machine, but just takes a bit of the sting out of those road imperfections. You'll thanks us on your next long ride.

And while this is all great, we know that aerodynamics are the most important thing we can do to make you faster. Both our Bora-Hansgrohe and Team Quick Step Floors Pro Tour riders, after all, are demanding aero improvements on every bike. With this, the aero goal was to discover where we could essentially "add aero for free," by not taking anything away from the hallmarks of the Tarmac design. During the six-month iterative process, three areas were discovered where we could do this—a new fork shape, dropped seatstays with aero tubes, and a d-shaped seatpost and seat tube. The result? A bike that's approximately 45 seconds faster over 40km compared to other lightweight bikes in the same category. A speed savings that you'll feel when you're attacking off the front of the peloton.

This S-Works Tarmac comes ready to race with Shimano's new Dura-Ace 9150 Di2 groupset with direct mount brakes, and the lightweight, yet impressively aerodynamic, Roval CLX 50s with 26mm Turbo Cotton tires.

Technical Specifications

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S-Works Tarmac SL6, FACT 12r carbon, Rider-First Engineered™, OSBB, clean routing, internally integrated seat clamp, 130mm rear spacing



S-Works FACT carbon, size specific design



S-Works Shallow Bend Carbon, 125mm drop x 75 mm reach


S-Works SL, alloy, titanium bolts, 6-degree rise


S-Wrap w/ Sticky gel


S-Works Toupé, Body Geometry shape, 143mm width, carbon rails


S-Works FACT Carbon Tarmac seatpost, 20mm offset


Tarmac SL6 clamp assembly



Roval CLX 50, Win Tunnel Engineered, carbon rim, 50mm depth, Roval AF1 Hub, CeramicSpeed bearings,16h


Roval CLX 50, Win Tunnel Engineered, carbon rim, 50mm depth, Roval AF1 Hub, CeramicSpeed bearings, 21h


Turbo Cotton, 320 TPI, 700x26mm


Turbo Cotton, 320 TPI, 700x26mm


Turbo Ultralight, 60mm Presta valve



Shimano Dura-Ace Di2 9150


Shimano Dura-Ace Di2 9150, braze-on


Shimano Dura-Ace Di2 9150, 11-speed


Shimano Dura-Ace R9100, 11-speed, 11-30t


S-Works carbon fiber




OSBB, CeramicSpeed bearings


Shimano Dura-Ace, 11-speed



Shimano Dura-Ace R9110-RS, direct-mount


Shimano Dura-Ace 9110F direct mount



Nylon, 105x78x28mm, loose balls w/ reflectors

* Weights based on production painted frames as pictured. Actual weights will vary based on colourway, frame size, and component variation. Specifications are subject to change without notice.


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Crank Length170mm170mm172.5mm172.5mm175mm175mm
Handlebar Width400mm420mm420mm420mm440mm440mm
Stem Length80mm90mm100mm100mm110mm110mm
Saddle Width143mm143mm143mm143mm143mm143mm
Seatpost Length320mm320mm380mm380mm380mm380mm
Head Tube Length115mm126mm143mm163mm190mm210mm
Head Tube Angle71.75°72.5°73°73.5°73.5°74°
BB Height266mm266mm268mm268mm268mm268mm
BB Drop74mm74mm72mm72mm72mm72mm
Fork Length, Full363mm363mm363mm363mm363mm363mm
Fork Rake/Offset47mm47mm44mm44mm44mm44mm
Front Center574mm577mm579mm591mm606mm613mm
Chainstay Length405mm405mm405mm405mm407mm410mm
Top Tube Length, Horizontal508mm531mm540mm562mm577mm595mm
Bike Standover Height740mm755mm775mm795mm826mm850mm
Seat Tube Length431mm462mm481mm501mm522mm553mm
Seat Tube Angle75.5°74°74°73.5°73.5°73°

Rider Reviews

  • 4.4
  • 12 Reviews

This bike is an absolute beast!

I am 5'4"" so I am a bit on the shorter side. I always found myself looking at the smallest frame size anyone had to offer and feeling somewhat stuck. As soon as I threw my leg over the S-Works Tarmac SL6 I knew this was going to be an incomparable relationship between bike and rider. The geometry feels compact and comfortable, putting me right where i need to be. With a combination of the frame geo and a pair of S-Works Shallow Bend bars I feel like I can finally say goodbye to my 90mm stem and throw on a 100mm with ease. My bike finally feels like I can really dial in my position, being IN the bike as appose to on top of it. One of the things I noticed immediately was how this bike handles turns at speed. Keep in mind, smaller frames have a tendency to understeer or turn less sharply as intended. This is not the case with the SL6. The bike caught me by surprise with how quickly it responded to my demand, diving into the turn and holding speed throughout with ease. Ever ride direct mount brakes!? I was walking my bike out of Specialized Costa mesa up on the rear wheel, tapped the brake and almost sent the saddle in to my no-no spot. That is not my review of this braking system, but it is funny to see how something so familiar all of a sudden felt so unfamiliar… but in a good way. The stopping power of the direct mount system accompanied by some Dura Ace 9100 brakes had me slowing down way before my turns. You know what that means? Faster for longer. That is an adjustment I am looking forward to getting used to. This bike soaks up crude and bumpy surfaces like your new white shirt being introduced to a cup of coffee and the new seat post design is a real butt saver. The SL6 being as comfortable as it is, lacks nothing in the FAST department. Whether it's getting out of the saddle on a 10% climb or sprinting out the flats, this bike offers all of the stiffness and response you could ask for. You can FEEL that this bike is truly Rider First Engineered.

Little C.


I would not buy again

Had to replace the frame due to manufacturing fault of the fork the first month. 9 months after buying and 6 months of riding, with only 3k km, wheels deformed due to overheat (so said the warranty inspection). No misuse was found. Replacement not covered by warranty. Waited to get answer on warranty claim from Specialized/Roval for more than 2,5 months. Looks like rim brake version of SL6 was sold in Europe for one season only, now only disc brake is advertised in most countries. So after one season the bike is basically obsolete. Wish I had not bought it. Not worth the price.



SL6 Five Stars

9 months ago I gave it 4 stars and wished for more colors....well..I bought one and gotta tell yah...I love it! Deserves 10 Stars. Excellent ride and feel. No complaints. No regrets and proud to be an owner of the SL5 and SL6!

Kqwen G.


Impressive overall performance

Thought the clx50 would let me down in tough climbing. However, combined with the super light and stiff frame set I can even use larger gear combination during climbing.

I S.

Helpful? lite. Amazing

I bought the 54 cm. In white w/ slap your face red and black. I never want to ride any other bike again. My first Di-2 experience on a road bike. The guys at island Bicycles in key west were the best.



It is the definition of ""Mechanical Advantage

i will be the first to admit that my new 2018 Tarmac S Works is more bike than i will ever need. As a B Group Rider it is quite a large investment. But if you can make it make sense, it will be like riding your dream ride everyday. It has remarkable response to power input, amazing handling and the worlds greatest cool factor. I LOVE IT!!!



Phenomenal ride in all aspects.

Agree with more colors and SRAM eTap option would have been nice last fall. Overall, it's an amazing bike. Check out 701Cycle in Bismarck for great service, they did a wonderful job for us.

Tim J.


I have the SL5 and test rode the SL6

I do feel the difference in the sprint and climbs. No sure if I'm ready for the frame design; but it is a beaut! Need more color options.

Kqwen G.


Can i customize the colour.

I thing a perfect bike but need more colour combinations.



Awesome bike

The best road bike I've ever ridden so far. Responsive, stiff and surprisingly comfortable



oh man, what a bike!!

i'd buy the bike for the cornering alone!! it is very plush on rough/uneven roads, dampening the vibrations. u can feel the efficiency of the power transfer in how responsive it is when you put some pressure on the pedals. sprints like a charm. but, the paint jobs are either psychedelic or boring but the bike itself is anything but boring.



Awesome Bike, responsive and handles extremely well!

Brilliant engineering on the 2018 Tarmac.

Robert B.