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Roval Traverse Alloy 350 6B

Me toimitamme! Sano vain milloin ja miten.

NOTHING CAN STOP IT. FULL STOP: The Traverse Alloy rim geometry is optimized for strength, crafted with our most durable alloy, and laced to DT 350 hubs with stout Sapim spokes and Sapim alloy nipples. What does it all add up to? A wheelset that hits harder, holds up longer, and inspires you to go bigger and farther than any other trail wheel out there.

INCREASED DURABILITY: The engineered rim shape emphasizes the durability and strength of alloy- creating our most durable alloy wheel we have ever made.

NEW ALLOY: New 6013 alloy material finished with shot peening for impact strength and fatigue strength.

ENGINEERED OFFSET: Engineered rim offset enables balanced spoke tension for improved fatigue life to keep you rolling. While balanced spoke tension results in consistent flex when cornering.

MONSTER TRACTION: 30mm internal rim width optimizes tire shape for the best traction. And an internally engineered bead shape ensures the bead bends inward for air pressure/tire retention under impact, so you can always finish your ride.

LIFETIME WARRANTY: On Roval Wheels when registered within the first 90 days of purchase.

CRASH REPLACEMENT: 2 Year “It Happens” No Fault Crash Replacement - If you damage your Roval product while riding within the first two years of ownership and it’s not covered under warranty, we’ll still replace or repair. USA Only and wheels must be registered.

Keep Rolling

After years of engineering and testing, Roval settled on a rim shape that ensures riders stay rolling - no matter how hard they push. With a bead shape designed to dent inwards, should you case that gap you pulled for, Traverse Alloy keeps air in the tire so you can keep sending it down the trail. See how we tested this below.

Strength Testing

Roval engineers improved upon the previous Traverse Alloy with a new 6013 alloy, multiple shape revisions, and engineered shot peening. The result? Improved impact strength and spoke tension, creating a wheel that goes harder, faster, and farther than any alloy rim we have ever made. See how we did it below.

Control on Track

The best wheel is a wheel you don’t have to worry about. We focused on ride quality and impact targets derived from our factory enduro team riders and took this feedback to the lab. Three years of testing and revisions led to a specifically engineered rim shape that delivers compliance and grip, with a specific internal width, optimizing tire shape for the best traction you can ask for. See how we tested these wheels below.


Blake Hansen

”Olen innoissani nähdessäni, että nämä uudet alumiiniseosvanteet tulevat laadukkailla osilla ja kestävät isoja iskuja ilman ongelmia. Kivet, juuret, sivuttaislaskeutumiset kiville... kaikki toimii.”

The Technology Behind the New Roval Traverse HD Alloy Wheelset
The Technology Behind the New Roval Traverse HD Alloy Wheelset

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