Performance Road Bikes

Take a look at our performance road bikes' palmares and it's pretty evident that we take this whole road bike thing pretty seriously. Our bikes have won every Grand Tour, multiple World Championships, scores of Paris-Roubaixs—you name it. So if you're looking to ride with every possible advantage at your side, you've come to the right place.

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Brake Type
Model Year
S-Works Venge Di2 – Sagan Collection LTD
R$78,999.90 R$78,999.90
S-Works Roubaix - SRAM Red eTAP AXS
R$74,999.00 R$74,999.00
S-Works Venge Disc – SRAM eTAP
R$73,999.00 R$73,999.00
S-Works Venge
R$73,999.00 R$73,999.00
S-Works Roubaix - Shimano Dura-Ace Di2
R$71,999.00 R$71,999.00
S-Works Venge – Sagan Collection
R$68,999.00 R$68,999.00
Women's S-Works Tarmac Disc
R$66,999.00 R$66,999.00
Men's S-Works Tarmac Disc
R$66,999.00 R$66,999.00
S-Works Tarmac Disc – SRAM eTAP
R$66,999.00 R$66,999.00
S-Works Roubaix
R$65,999.00 R$65,999.00
Venge Pro - SRAM eTAP
R$54,999.00 R$54,999.00
Venge Pro
R$52,999.00 R$52,999.00
Tarmac Pro Disc – SRAM eTAP
R$47,999.00 R$47,999.00
Roubaix Expert
R$42,999.00 R$42,999.00
Women's Tarmac Disc Expert - Mixtape LTD
R$36,499.00 R$36,499.00
Men's Tarmac Disc Expert
R$32,999.00 R$32,999.00