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Who Let the Dogs Out? We Did!

Behind the lens with our furry friends.

*These dogs are trained professionals, so please resist the urge to let your neighbor's poodle take your bike for a spin.

Huge Ass Fans

If you want to get some good photos, you’re going to need some fans… giant fans. We know we have the biggest fans in the business in our Win Tunnel, but we figured, might as well check the shops too… nothing was bigger. Our Win Tunnel has helped the fastest riders in the world get even faster, so we knew it could definitely help some of the cutest dogs get cuter.

Find Furry Friends

Okay, we’ve got the fans. Now we just need a few furry friends. Good thing we’ve got an abundance of dogs hanging around Specialized HQ. We went around the office and asked our colleagues if they’re cool with lending us their dogs for a bit. They agreed, but we had to make sure the dogs were cool with it too. Maybe we sweetened the deal with a treat or two.

Make Some Magic

We’ve got the dogs in the Win Tunnel, they’re full of treats, they’re wearing sunglasses, it’s a perfect set up. Now just pile the dogs on the bike to show just how capable this rig is and take some fun photos… simple in concept, complex in practice. The Haul may have space for six dogs, but that doesn’t mean they’ll sit still (or sit at all) at the same time. With some careful coaxing, great photographers, a little bit of luck we got the shots that perfectly capture the Haul family magic!