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Turbo Chainstay-Mounted Kickstand - 332mm

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Replacement chainstay-mounted kickstand for various model Turbo bikes.

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Works, but...

When I initially got my Turbo Vado 4.0, it came with this kickstand installed. Within the first three months, the plastic bottom portion came off. I called Specialized support on THREE occasions and they promised to send the replacement parts. Two years in, this never happened. I'm ordering a replacement at MY expense today, only because I can't find an alternative and am tired of the Gorilla-taped stick extension I have where the plast ic foot used to be. Two stars, because it does work. If you get this or a bike with it preinstalled, I'd recommend removing the plastic foot portion and putting it back on with copious amounts of super glue. A little JB Weld in the screw hole might also be wise.