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Terra CLX II

We deliver! Just say when and how.

From the purist gravel racer to the mixed-surface fanatic, Terra CLX II provides a level of weight savings and material confidence that’s unheard of in the all-road or gravel space. This tier of weight-savings translates to rocket-like acceleration off the starting line, nimble performance in the hills, and unleashed efficiency on those loaded-down long-haul excursions.

Weighing in at just 1250 grams, the Roval Terra CLX II are the lightest wheels in their class, rivaling pure climbing wheels in terms of weight and out-performing in raw toughness. We were able to get even lighter than before (50 grams lighter) by utilizing Low Flange Disc (LFD) hubs, borrowed from the Alpinist CLX II wheels.

What’s being carried forward from the previous generation, is the rim. With its multiple Unbound victories, we we kept what was already class leading, and extended our lead. Because Terra CLX II is a hooked rim, you’re able to ride almost any tire and pressure. Thanks to the 25mm internal width, they work seamlessly with 28-47c tires (up to 80 PSI), giving you options to customize your setup for what’s ahead. Using Roval LFD hubs, still spinning on DT Swiss 180 hub internals, Terra CLX II continues to provide flawless ride quality. The CINC ceramic bearings inside do some serious heavy lifting when it comes to the efficiency of these wheels.

Even with laundry list of demands that need to be met for the serious gravel racer, to the all-road explorer—the Roval Terra CLX II checks every box with authority.

Light and Durable

At just 1250 grams*, Roval Terra CLX II are among the lightest in their class and on par with pure climbing wheels. Ultra-light wheels help increase acceleration and maneuverability, and its stout design is up to the durability demands of rough tracks.

Hooked Rim

Roval Terra CLX II features a hooked rim construction allowing more options for tire compatibility and the ability to run whatever pressure is right for your ride. 47mm Pathfinder for the rough stuff, or a 32mm Turbo for all-road.

Proven by the Best Gravel Athletes

Finishing the Unbound gravel race is a huge milestone to check off—winning is a whole different story. Proving its performance, Roval Terra CLX wheels have been ridden to multiple Unbound victories - the most demanding gravel race in the world.

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