The Tarmac doesn't do one thing well, it does everything exceptionally—which is why it's been ridden to victory in all three Grand Tours. The new Tarmac's advanced materials and aerodynamic design add a modern edge to the lively character of a classic race bike, while its Rider-First Engineered™ design ensures that the Tarmac sprints, corners, and descends with uniform excellence across every size.

A Legacy of Handling

There's a reason you've seen a Tarmac win every Grand Tour, and this year, both the Men's and Women's World Championships in Norway. It's not just that it's light, it's because it has the best all-around handling out there.


The Lightest Frames We've Ever Made

You wanted light, you got it. These are the lightest road frames we've ever made, and we're proud to say that we pulled this off without turning the Tarmac into a wet noodle. Now, it's lighter, stiffer, and all around faster than ever before.


Unexpectedly Aero

We wanted to give you aero for free. In other words, inject aero into the Tarmac equation without detracting from the classic ride we all love. And the result? We shaved 45 seconds over 40 kilometers off the last Tarmac.

Nothing is Lighter, Faster, and Better Handling

The New Tarmac

The new Tarmac is the lightest bike we've ever made, but what makes it so outstanding is its utter completeness as a race bike.


Rider-First Engineered™

The Rider-First Engineered™ philosophy is a size-specific approach to frame construction that ensures every frame performs flawlessly.

It does everything extremely well; its performance is flawless.

Behind the Tech: All-New Tarmac