Why wear a pack if you don't have to? For years, this was a question that nagged at us, and ultimately, it prompted us to reinvent the way that we looked at how we looked at storage, both on the bike and on the body.


SWAT™ Technology

The irony of taping tubes and food to an expensive carbon rig isn't lost on us. But where the world had a problem, we made a solution. Our SWAT™ compatible frames and clothing are a revolution in utility, with featured models including everything you need for on-the-fly repairs and much, much more. This new technology allows the storage of tubes, pumps, tools, and nutrition/hydration, and you won't find it anywhere else. Say goodbye to unsightly packing hacks and hello to putting everything need, right where you want it.

You don't have to spend a fortune, or even own a Specialized bike, to take advantage of our SWAT™ technology. Pieces like our SWAT™ shorts or vest provide an economical way to keep ride essentials off your back and onto your body where they go virtually unnoticed. We've painstakingly positioned various pockets throughout the construction, where they're able to house items without significant shifting or discomfort. Essentially, this means that the debate of where to keep your keys or 7S Plus is a conversation resigned to the past.

For the mountain bike crowd, we've also made SWAT™ a hallmark component of our designs. This equates to fully integrated emergency repair solutions, like our frame-mounted EMT multi-tool and top cap chain tool, to solve any trailside mechanical repair. And by committing to the ideology that all of our frames should be able to comfortably house one water bottle, we've also eliminated the need to wear a back-sweat-inducing hydration pack.

For on-the-bike storage solutions, we've taken a similar "overkill" approach to our designs. For the triathlon contingent, we've created integrated storage solutions, like the Fuel Cell, Fuelselage, and Tripod, to provide ways to carry your food, air, and tools that don't detract from the Shiv's aerodynamic advantage on the road.

Most impressively, though, our patented SWAT™ Door provides select carbon frames with the ultimate in integrated storage solutions. With a simple push and pull at the down tube's water bottle cage, you gain access to a massive amount of storage, all without compromising the integrity or ride quality of the frame. Whatever you can fit in there, you can ride with, so be creative and keep your ride essentials where you want them—off your back and on the bike.