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The Sagan Collection

Chasing Rainbows

The taste for the Rainbow Jersey never leaves you, whether you’re like Peter Sagan and won it three times or you’ve never won it all. With this installment of the Sagan Collection, the design is imbued with the spirit of chasing rainbows, while also showcasing two flavors of Peter’s distinct racing style. Choose between Underexposed (Peter’s stealth mode) and Overexposed (his “World’s Greatest Showman” mode), with pieces from this stunning collection.

Underexposed Collection

Deceptively Dark

When you’re a three-time World Champion, you’re a marked man both in life and in the peloton. Stealth mode becomes an essential tactic for someone like Sagan—protecting his privacy or hiding in the peloton until he’s ready to reveal himself in a flash of brilliance that makes us collectively gasp. The products in the Underexposed collection tap into this concept— blending into the shadows and incognito, yet with a flashing, dark metallic rainbow brilliance when turned in the sunlight.

Shown here in the S-Works Evade—Peter’s race helmet of choice—you can find Underexposed bikes, the S-Works 7s, and more below.

Overexposed Collection

Blinding White

No hiding here—a bold move followed by the white-hot flash of victory to create the "all eyes on Peter" moment. Just as this moment’s illuminated like a dazzling star, so too are the pieces in the Overexposed Collection. Shown here in the S-Works 7, these pieces call little attention to themselves until exposed to sunlight, at which point, all the colors of the rainbow explode as powerfully as Sagan in full-sprint mode.

Available in helmet, bike, shoes, and more. Explore the collection below.