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Recall to Repair Select 1st Gen Levo/Kenevo Battery Packs - EXPANDED SCOPE AUGUST 2022

Dear Specialized rider,

In May 2021 we issued a voluntary recall for a small number of battery packs sold as original equipment on and as aftermarket equipment for use with 1st Generation Turbo Levo and Kenevo electric mountain bikes manufactured between 2017 and 2019. In August 2022 we expanded the scope of this recall to include additional battery part numbers and manufacturing dates. Specialized and retailers will contact riders that may be affected by this recall via email and with a notification on the Turbo Mission Control app.

Please read the instructions below to determine if your battery is affected. If so, reach out to your

Authorized Specialized Retailer who will inspect your bike and repair the battery pack at no cost to you, which involves re-gluing the Control Pad to seal it more effectively. If you checked your battery pack as part of the original recall and determined it was not affected, please check it again to confirm whether your battery is now included within the expanded scope. Lithium-ion batteries are a stable and safe way to power our portable electronic devices, including e-bikes. As with all devices, review your bike's user manual for proper care.

It is a privilege to share our passion for bikes with you and we hope to get you back on the trails quickly. Reach out to your retailer or contact Specialized Rider Care if you have any questions.

Thank you for riding Specialized,

Scott Maguire



All Specialized bike batteries are designed and tested to meet or exceed industry standards for water resistance. For the small number (estimated less than 15%) of battery packs, if conductive water (e.g., salt or chlorinated) penetrates the seal around the Control Pad, e.g., through repeated pressure-washing, and reaches a specific very small area of the battery pack’s protection circuit board, it can in very rare cases trigger a short-circuit that would bypass the multiple layers of protection built into the battery pack. In sufficiently charged battery packs, this can potentially lead to a thermal runaway event, posing fire and burn hazards.


The following bike models may have a recalled battery. If your bike is not listed here, then you are not affected by this recall. In first generation Levo and Kenevo bikes, the Control Pad is located on the side of the battery. If your Control Pad is not located on the side of the battery you are not affected by this recall.

2018-2021LEVOLEVO HT
Battery Label IdentificationAffected made dates
(Expanded dates are underlined)
Battery Label Identification

If your Control Pad is not located on the side of the battery or if your battery pack Manufacture P/N is not listed here then you are not affected by this recall and may keep riding your bike as usual.

Specialized Rider Care and Retailers will be contacting riders who may be affected by this recall.
If your battery pack is affected, your

Authorized Specialized Retailer will inspect and repair it at no cost to you, which involves re-gluing the Control Pad to seal it more effectively.

Do not expose your battery pack to any water until it is repaired. Even thereafter, do not use a high-pressure water spray to clean your bicycle or battery pack.