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S-Works Turbo T2/T5

We deliver! Just say when and how.

The S-Works Turbo tire sets the standard for a fast and durable performance tube type race tire. Our all new Gripton T2 center compound is the fastest, most efficient compound we have ever developed. T2 is placed in the center of our dual compound for speed and longevity on the straights with T5 compound on the shoulders for incredible grip through the corners.

We’ve improved the tire’s puncture protection by 8% with all new hybrid-Kevlar Blackbelt breaker under the tread. Combined with our light and supple casing you’ve not only got improved puncture protection but lighter weight and more flexibility for an incredibly supple and confidence inspiring ride. It all adds up to a S-Works Turbo tube type tire that 4 watts faster per set than the previous S-Works Turbo and that weighs just 200 grams for a 24mm. This is S-Works level speed with a tube.

Find Your Perfect Tire Pressure

Riding the correct tire pressure makes a huge difference in performance—from grip to comfort to speed—and it’s all dependent on your weight, tire width, and road surface. But don’t sweat it, we’ve got you covered with pressure recommendations. Start here, but don’t be afraid to experiment, raising or lowering pressure to suit your preferences.

BlackBelt Puncture Protection

The slowest tire is a flat tire. That’s why we’ve developed all-new BlackBelt Puncture protection using a new hybrid Kevlar breaker. Our BlackBelt breaker is now lighter and stronger, delivering up to 8% more puncture protection than previous iterations. It’s more flexible too, delivering a supple and confident ride.

GRIPTON® T2 Compound

Our engineers created an entirely new rubber compound by tuning the mechanical stretch and relaxation of polymer chains. Yeah, they’re kinda mad scientists. The result? S-Works tires with all-new GRIPTON® T2—the fastest, most efficient compound we’ve ever created—in the center combined with the legendary grip of our GRIPTON® T5 on the shoulders.

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