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S-Works Turbo Creo SL


2020 S-Works Turbo Creo SL

We have a long history of developing the world's highest performing road bikes. Tarmac, Venge, Roubaix, Allez, Diverge—each one dominates their respective category, featuring the best technologies in the industry. And while that's a tough palmarès to follow, the Turbo Creo SL redefines e-road bike performance. It's lightweight, smooth, capable, and lively—all with the power to flatten mountains, laugh at headwinds, and go farther than you ever thought possible. It's you, only faster.

Like all of our S-Works bikes, the S-Works Turbo Creo SL is our pinnacle build. The FACT 11r chassis and Future Shock 2.0 with a hydraulic damper is dressed with a 1x build that includes Shimano Dura-Ace Di2, an XTR rear derailleur, and an 11-42t cassette for an incredible gear range. It rolls on Roval CLX 50 Disc carbon wheels and 28mm S-Works Turbo tires. And to finish off the build, we've included our S-Works Carbon Hover bars, an S-Works Future Stem, and a Body Geometry S-Works Power saddle. We're throwing in a range extender too, because you're never going to want to stop riding this bike.

Technical Specifications

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Specialized SL 1.1, custom lightweight motor


Specialized TCU, 10-LED State of charge, 3-LED Ride Mode display, ANT+/Bluetooth®


Specialized SL1-320, fully integrated, 320Wh


Custom charger, 48V System w/ SL system charger plug

Wiring Harness

Custom Specialized wiring harness w/ chargeport



Fender Clamp Adaptor



FACT 11r carbon, Open Road Geometry, front/rear thru-axles, fully integrated down tube battery, internal cable routing, fender/rack mounts, Boost™ 12x148mm


Future Shock 2.0 w/ Smooth Boot, Boost™ 12x110mm thru-axle, flat-mount disc

Seat Binder

Specialized Alloy, 30.8mm



S-Works Power, carbon rails, carbon base, synthetic leather


S-Works Future Stem w/ Integrated Computer mount


S-Works Carbon Hover Drop 125mm, Reach 75mm, w/Di2 hole


Roubaix S-Wrap


S-Works FACT carbon 27.2mm, 20mm offset


Shift Levers

Shimano Dura-Ace Di2 Disc R9170


Shimano XT, 11-speed, 11-42t


Shimano Dura-Ace

Rear Derailleur

Shimano XTR M9050 Di2, Shadow Plus, GS cage, 11-speed


Praxis Carbon/M30 Spindle Interface




Rear Tire

S-Works Turbo, 700x28mm


Front Brake

Shimano Dura-Ace 9170, Hydraulic disc

Rear Brake

Shimano Dura-Ace 9170, Hydraulic disc


Front Wheel

Roval CLX 50 Disc, carbon, tubeless-ready, Win Tunnel Engineered, 50mm depth, CeramicSpeed bearings, 21h

Rear Wheel

Roval CLX 50 Disc, carbon, tubeless-ready, Win Tunnel Engineered, 50mm depth, DT Swiss 240 internals, CeramicSpeed bearings, 24h

Front Tire

S-Works Turbo, 700x28mm

Inner Tubes

Presta, 60mm valve

* Weights based on production painted frames as pictured. Actual weights will vary based on colorway, frame size, and component variation. Specifications are subject to change without notice.


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Crank Length170mm172.5mm172.5mm175mm175mm
Handlebar Width400mm420mm420mm440mm440mm
Stem Length80mm90mm100mm110mm110mm
Seatpost Length350mm350mm400mm400mm400mm
Saddle Width155mm143mm143mm143mm143mm
Head-Tube Length145.5mm163.5mm185.5mm217mm250mm
Head-Tube Angle72°72.5°73°73°73°
B-B Height264.5mm267mm267mm269.5mm269.5mm
B-B Drop80.5mm78mm78mm75.5mm75.5mm
Fork Length (full)390mm390mm390mm390mm390mm
Fork Rake/Offset50mm50mm50mm50mm50mm
Chain-Stay Length426mm426mm427mm427mm428mm
Top-Tube Length (horizontal)539mm548mm566mm581mm605mm
Bike Stand-Over Height731mm759mm782mm810mm840mm
Seat-Tube Length447.5mm477.5mm502.5mm527.5mm557.5mm
Seat-Tube Angle74°74°73.5°73.5°73°

Rider Reviews

  • 4.8
  • 21 Reviews

Great Bike but.......

Great bike. I still ride my non-e bikes but this one is for when I want to take it easy, ride with my neighbor who can hold 450 Watts, and on my unsupported northern tier ride. But......to be charged for a software update...... Not expected for a ride that costs this much.

Would Recommend?



S-Works Turbo Creo SL - 11,000 Mile Update

Just passed the 11K mark on my Creo and I want to let you know two developments, one good, one bad. I had the software updated to the current versions (Bike, Di2) and I am amazed at the increase in performance of the batteries. I am getting at least 25% more range than previous or put another way a ride where I might use 50% battery avoiding headwinds, now only uses about 25%. Outstanding. Now the bad news, I noticed some twitchy performance out of head unit so took it into the shop. Specialized recommended replacement of the future shock internals which seems early given the bike is 18 months old and it was not cheap ($450) however the change did seem to resolve the issue. With all said I still would highly recommend this bike and I cannot wait for the next iteration.

Old C.


S-Works Turbo Creo SL - 10,000 Mile Review NO REGRETS

After 10 thousand miles I am still in love with this bike. It has been virtually bullet proof over the long haul, with only wear & tear items (11,12 tooth cogs, tires, chains and break pads) one would expect as normal maintenance. Drivetrain has been flawless as well as the battery life (charge time and distance) unchanged which is amazing. Di2 has also been fantastic with 10's of thousands of shifts without a hiccup. Only recommendations for future design would be OTA / wireless updates for software, need to change gear ratios as it needs at min a 10 tooth rear or larger hub as you can over pedal this machine easily. Will be taking the steed into Naples Cyclery for a top to bottom inspection shortly, just for peace of mind. Now thinking about buying my second Creo to add to the family but with the SRAM setup which if I pull the trigger will allow for side by side comparisons. If you are on the fence on spending this much on a E Road bike don't worry you will not regret it.

Old C.


S-Works Turbo Creo SL - 8000 Mile Review

Just passed the 8000 mile mark on my S-Works Turbo Creo and the bike continues to perform flawlessly. As the miles pile on, I have started normal maintenance such as disc brake pad replacements, new chain and 11T cog (needs a 10T) which are all part of the normal wear and tear. I also have replaced the Specialized All Conditions which went 3300 miles without a single flat. The bike continues to be an absolute dream to ride every day and over the last month I have used the power settings more than usual due to unusually high headwinds here in SW Florida. Rides that would have been a real tough or aborted have been made easy by using the assist. The mission control app allows you to fine tune each power band to your personal ride style. I have one bar of power programed for 20% assist which I have affectionately named the ""headwind abatement mode"". Just having completed the summer in Northern NJ for the I put the Creo to the test on the hills here and I have to say, it was a game changer. Now back in SWFL I am burning up the flat terrain again. I highly recommend this bike as it is a standout in its class and has completely changed my daily rides. Don't hesitate to get the best.

Old C.


Driftless Area Dream

I am almost 70 years old and consider myself an avid bicyclist. I live in northeast Iowa which is part of the driftless ares. It is very hilly here as the driftless area escaped the leveling effects of the glaciers. On a typical outing, I will have anywhere from 60 - 100 ft of elevation gain per mile. The S-Works Turbo Creo SL is awesome when it comes to climbing those hills. It's also awesome when it comes to dealing with strong winds. I love the electronic shifting with the Shimano Di2 components. It does however have a few shortcomings. I have a love hate relationship with the Roval CLX 50 wheels. Their high profile makes speedy descents in a cross wind particularly sketchy as they catch the wind so ""hang on"" while descending. But, I do like that they are light weight and tubeless-ready. I would also like to have higher gearing and I am wondering whether one could change to a larger chainring? I never use the lowest gears, even without assist. I like to toggle between no assist and eco (lowest) assist. I find that hard to do with the TCU being mounted on the top bar. It can be very distracting. In addition to the TCU on the top bar, I would like to see an assist control on the drop bar like I have on the handlebar of my Specialized Turbo Vado or like I have seen on the handlebar of the Specialized Turbo Levo. I am told that one will be available around the end of November and I am told one is already on order for me. I have had my Specialized S-Works Turbo Creo SL for about five weeks now and I have logged 500 hilly, windy miles thus far. The reason I rated it at four stars instead of five is because of the shortcomings I listed above, plus that fact that when I first got the bike, it would only assist to 16.5 mph. In fact, there is a decal on the bike which states ""Max Assistance Speed: 25km/h."" That was corrected with a firmware update but now I have a red flag on my Mission Control that saying I no longer have the current version. Weird!

Jimmy P.


Firmware Updates

I love my S-WORKS Turbo Creo, but there is one big negative. In order to get a firmware update you have to take your bike to a Specialized Dealer and pay them to install it. To pay this much for any big ticket item and a few months later have to pay for a firmware upgrade is grossly unfair. It is a slap in the face from a company otherwise known for good customer service! Specialized should allow its bike owners to install firmware updates, It cannot be that difficult!



A Total Joy! 😎

Have had the bike for a couple of weeks and have taken several rides. I am a 63 year old male who mostly rides on moderately hilly terrain on weekends in CT. This bike is a lot of fun! Hilly routes I avoided in the past have now been conquered! It has an amazing look and the component selection was superb. A comfortable yet supportive ride. Shifting is smooth. This bike will put a smile on your face 😀. Hook in and have fun. Great job Specialized. Quality craftsmanship.



What is the mass of the product

And don't say it's variable and depends on options... Certainly there is a typical value... 12kg, 30 ?



This bike has given me back my life's passion!

I was a 30-year competitive road cyclist (and 25-year Specialized rider), until suffering a life threatening v-fib and cardiac arrest on a ride 3 years ago, caused by a scar on my heart from an old, unknown infection. It was only due to an incredible coincidence that a doctor was walking his dog at the time and place of the incident and saved my life. Needless to say, my racing days are over. Now on meds which severely limit my heart rate, my rides were limited to slow solo spins, struggles up the smallest hills, and the days of riding with my racing buddies were over. I bought a Bianchi Aria e-road bike prior to the Creo coming on the market, and although it was helpful getting me closer to my old level of riding, due to its 20 mph limit, group rides were still out of the question, and since 20 mph is pretty much a normal cruising speed on flat roads, it was very frustrating to constantly hit that speed limit, and have the assist toggle on and off as your speed fluctuated from 19.9 to 20.1 mph. I was thrilled when the Specialized Creo, with its 28 mph limit, came onto the market, and even more thrilled with the S-Works level build out, since I had been racing S-Works Tarmacs for the last 20 years. After putting in about 2,500 miles, I can say that the Creo has been a life changer. It has allowed me to ride like my old self and restored my ability to pursue my life's passion for riding - its often easy to forget about my medical limitations. Two to three hour rides have been typical, and with the Range Extender, there has been no battery anxiety!! Still no group rides yet, due to the Corona virus, but I'm 100% confident that I'll be able to rejoin my old racing buddies soon. Thank you Specialized and W.E. Stedman Bicycle Co. in Rhode Island!!!!



S-Works Turbo Creo SL > 3100 Miles and Still Outstanding

Just passed the 3100 mile mark on my S-Works and I just love this bike. It continues to amaze me on my daily ride and my only suggestion for improvement would be an option for a larger front chain ring (54T) for those of us in states where it is flat and no hills ( I am in SWFL). There is a tendency to override the gears at top speed. Every single component of this bike has operated flawlessly over the distance. Only part I have changed has been the tires, which I switched to Specialized all conditions, as I was getting a lot of flats in the first 1000 miles, Have not have had one flat in the last 2100 miles with the all conditions installed. I again would highly recommend this bike to anyone looking for top of the line technology. It has changed the way I ride and more importantly it has become an important part of daily exercise regime.

Old C.