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S-Works Pathfinder 2Bliss Ready

We deliver! Just say when and how.

The Pathfinder is the winningest tire in gravel, with victories at the biggest gravel races in the world, including multiple Unbound 200 wins. So, apologies to the rest of the field, but we just made the Pathfinder even faster. Introducing the S-Works Pathfinder. It retains the tread pattern, 2Bliss Ready compatibility, and natural casing that have made the Pathfinder Pro the best combination of speed and traction in gravel while shaving 210 grams a set and reducing rolling resistance significantly.

Ian Boswell

2021 Unbound Champion

“It’s the fastest rolling gravel tire out there, with superior traction on a wide range of surfaces. Most importantly, it’s incredibly hard to puncture. I rode the Pathfinder in every race this season: on the flint stones of Unbound 200 to the mud and class 4 of the Vermont Overland.”

Ali Tetrick

2017 Unbound Champion

“When traveling for long excursions, I now just bring one bike and one set of wheels—my Diverge and the Pathfinders on a set of Roval Terra CLX, and we are rocking and rolling. I can average high speeds with very low rolling resistance on any terrain.”

Laurens ten Dam

2021 Migration Race Champion

“I can say that I raced literally every gravel race I did on Pathfinder 42mm tires. From Gravellocos to Unbound to Migration race and even SBTGRVL. I raced the Pathfinder 42’s. For me, they are a no-compromise tire.”

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