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S-Works Enduro


2020 S-Works Enduro

This is the bike that defines the very genre that bears its name. The S-Works Enduro features a bomber-yet-lightweight carbon frame that blissfully tackles the kind of terrain that chews up and spits out lesser bikes. And it's absolutely dressed to kill. Let the drooling begin.


If the Enduro looks like its sibling, the Demo, it's because they share plenty of downhill DNA. The Enduro rolls fast on 29er hoops and boasts 170 millimeters of front and rear suspension courtesy of an all new-design that obliterates the biggest hits with ease.


Stomp on the pedals and the new Enduro accelerates far quicker than you're expect possible from a downhill bruiser. We pulled out all the engineering stops and made the Enduro an incredibly efficient pedaling machine. The end result? Less bobbing. More speed.

• All-new design boasts 170 millimeters of suspension and ultralight carbon linkage.

• Top-shelf FOX front and rear suspension give you ultimate control and tuneability.

• Full Shimano XTR drivetrain and four-piston XTR disc brakes.


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Crank Length170mm170mm170mm170mm
Seatpost Length150mm150mm170mm170mm
Handlebar Width800mm800mm800mm800mm
Stem Length35mm50mm50mm50mm
Saddle Width155mm143mm143mm143mm
Stack (low B-B)616mm620mm629mm638mm
Reach (low B-B)437mm464mm487mm511mm
Head-Tube Length95mm100mm110mm120mm
Head-Tube Angle (low B-B)63.9°63.9°63.9°63.9°
Head-Tube Angle64.3°64.3°64.3°64.3°
B-B Height (low B-B)347mm347mm347mm347mm
B-B Height354mm354mm354mm354mm
B-B Drop (low B-B)28mm28mm28mm28mm
B-B Drop21mm21mm21mm21mm
Trail (low B-B)132mm132mm132mm132mm
Fork Length (full)581mm581mm581mm581mm
Fork Rake/Offset46mm46mm46mm46mm
Front-Center (low B-B)777mm806mm833mm862mm
Chain-Stay Length442mm442mm442mm442mm
Seat-Tube Length400mm420mm440mm465mm
Seat-Tube Angle76°76°76°76°
Top Tube Length (Horizontal)591mm619mm644mm670mm

Rider Reviews

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  • 5 Reviews

S works enduro

I love it the linkage is so smooth



Don’t leave home without it!

I have ridden my beloved S-Works Enduro in so many different places in varying conditions and terrain and It’s always insanely fun! It’s been durable, reliable, and predictable. It pedals uphill dramatically better than the previous Enduro and feels like a DH bike on the way back down. It’s sexy and light and has a ton of travel to eat up monster hits and chunky tech. I literally love it. ❤️

Would Recommend?



The Best Enduro Bike Money Can Buy

Sure this bike might be more capable than you are but let me tell you, when you get off line and and accidentally case a jump into a rock garden you will be happy you are aboard the Enduro. This bike has totally changed my riding style and given me an almost scary level of confidence. See a side line with a transfer to a huge huck to flat? On this bike you can send it and come out unscathed. Oh and did I mention its one of the most efficient pedaling bikes I've ever ridden? Much less bob than my 2020 Stumpjumper and way more downhill capability make the enduro a no brainer. Also the XTR brakes are the best brakes I've ever ridden and i can't go back to anything else now.... Only things I would change: - XTR shift trigger takes too much effort and doesn't feel as satisfyingly clicky as sram. - AXS dropper can't really be modulated very well like other droppers and needs to be charged.



Thank you

Thank you for this bike. Bless your souls for building this beast. It rides better than gramma cooks and slays rock-gardens better than I slay grammas cookies. I appreciate every detail of this bike. Would recommend to anyone who dreams of being bankrupt and a terrific rider.

Grantis M.