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Roval Traverse SL II 240 6B

We deliver! Just say when and how.

SMOOTHER IS FASTER: Trail riders who prize nimble handling will be blown away by Traverse SL II’s category-leading control, strength-to-weight ratio, and pinch-flat resistance.

LIGHTER: At 1,645 grams, this is our lightest trail wheelset ever.

STRONGER: Front and Rear Specific Rims with carbon layups optimized for strength and weight boast 15% greater front wheel strength and 25% more rear wheel strength than the previous Traverse SL.

VERTICAL COMPLIANCE: 21% more vertically compliant than the previous Traverse SL (delivered through Shallow Rim Shape and front/rear specific layup) which enables enhanced terrain hugging and bump-force absorbing control.

TRACTION MONSTER: Carefully engineered rim shape intentionally flexes for improved support and traction to boost confidence and control.

TOUGH LIFE, LONG LIFE: Engineered rim offset enables balanced spoke tension for improved fatigue life.

SAYONARA PINCH FLATS: Optimized "Flat Top" bead profile requires 85% more force to pinch flat compared to a standard round bead, virtually eliminating "snake bites". United States patent pending.

AIR TIME: Thank our genius engineer Chuck Teixeira for inventing the “Roval ThreadBed Valve”- a valve that threads directly into the rim eliminating compression nuts, air loss from rim flex, and makes tire set-up easier, and reduces sealant clogs.

LIFETIME WARRANTY: On Roval Wheels when registered within the first 90 days of purchase.

CRASH REPLACEMENT: 2 Year “It Happens” No Fault Crash Replacement - If you damage your Roval product while riding within the first two years of ownership and it’s not covered under warranty, we’ll still replace or repair. USA Only and wheels must be registered.

Enhanced Control

The terrain-hugging and bump-force absorbing control is achieved through its 21% greater vertical compliance, made possible by the shallow and wide rim shape and front/rear specific layup. Additionally, the rim shape intentionally flexes—ankling—to provide improved support, traction, and a boost in confidence and control.

Increased Durability

The carbon layups of the front and rear specific rims in the Traverse SL II have been optimized for both strength and weight, resulting in a 15% increase in front wheel strength and 25% boost in rear wheel strength compared to its predecessor. Its engineered rim offset ensures balanced spoke tension, leading to enhanced fatigue life and durability.

Engineered Performance

Spend your time on the trail instead of next to it. The optimized “Flat Top” bead profile of Traverse SL II significantly reduces pinch flats by requiring an impressive 85% more force compared to a standard round bead; United States patent pending. Plus, ride in peace, thanks to Roval’s Lifetime warranty on Roval Wheels when registered within the first 90 days of purchase.


Mark Taylor

“These wheels are as tough as they are light. I don't run inserts, weigh 190lbs, and typically run 23-25PSI in my tires and these wheels don't seem to care. Pinch flats; see ya never! Wheels are something you'd rather not think about while on a ride, and the SL II constantly reminds you to forget all about them.”

The Technology Behind the New Roval Traverse SL II Carbon Wheelset
The Technology Behind the New Roval Traverse SL II Carbon Wheelset

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