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Roval Traverse HD 350 6B

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SURVIVAL OF THE STRONGEST: More Than the Strongest Carbon Wheelset In Our Known Universe, Traverse HDs deliver unbeatable control and pinch-flat resistance in severe terrain, unlocking progression in the bike park, on a trail ride, or on an Enduro World Cup track.

STRONG LIKE BULL (NO BULL): Our strongest rim shape combined with off-set spoke drilling and molded with optimized carbon fibers for front and rear specific characteristics, add up to our strongest carbon trail wheels we have ever made.

SMOOTH AND STRONG: Front layup delivers a smooth, control-enhancing ride, while the rear optimizes stiffness & impact strength.

HIGH PRECISION HANDLING: The fusion of control and durability- where stiffness meets grip, HD glues you to your line and snaps you to the next with precision and speed.

SAYONARA PINCH FLATS: Optimized "Flat Top" bead profile requires 85% more force to pinch flat compared to a standard round bead, virtually eliminating "snake bites". United States patent pending.

AIR TIME: Thank our genius engineer, Chuck Teixeira, for inventing the “Roval ThreadBed Valve”- a valve that threads directly into the rim eliminating compression nuts, air loss from rim flex, makes tire set-up easier, and reduces sealant clogs.

LIFETIME WARRANTY: On Roval Wheels when registered within the first 90 days of purchase.

CRASH REPLACEMENT: 2 Year “It Happens” No Fault Crash Replacement - If you damage your Roval product while riding within the first two years of ownership and it’s not covered under warranty, we’ll still replace or repair. “It Happens” is markets specific, and wheels must be registered. Please contact Rider Care in your Country for more details.

Rider Reviews

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Greatest wheels ever

These wheels are awesome, I’m coming from the traverse alloy 350 and the change is so big! I’m a big dude 250lbs and they are super strong, I do big jumps and after 300 miles they are still true. They are amazing! Great job specialized!

Ivan G.


Beautiful Wheels with Major Flaws

After a few weeks of riding these wheels, I started noticing water and/or sealant coming out of the base of the valve stem every time I rode the bike. This kept getting worse until there was a consistent bubbling coming out of the base of the valve stem. Turns out the valve stems loosened up and have allowed sealant (and possible water) to get inside the wheel, not inside the tire, but trapped inside the carbon rim (there's an open space in there) and when you shake the rims, with no tires on the rims, you can hear liquid swishing around in there. I've currently got the wheels off the bike for the second time, trying to drain out whatever gunk is trapped inside the rim. Not happy with this product.