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Roval Control SL Team

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The Control SL Team wheels are the lightest and fastest XC wheels in the world. Through a delicate balance of light weight development, top-notch ride quality, and surpassed durability targets, the Roval team was able to build our elite XC team a wheelset like never before.

WORLD’S LIGHTEST: At 1,190 grams, it’s the lightest production XC wheel. The biggest weight savings came from our revolutionary carbon spokes. After a three-year process involving exhaustive material research and extensive testing in the field and lab, we landed on 20 optimized carbon fiber spokes that are not only 29% lighter than their steel counterparts, they’re also stronger and more durable.

SPEED OF CONTROL: Control SL Team earns its name by hitting optimal stiffness targets that provide World Cup winning steering precision and traction. The rims and carbon spokes are optimized for lateral stiffness creating predictable steering so the rider hits the line they intend to. This, combined with just right torsional compliance, allows the rider to track the terrain faithfully and maximize traction.

FAILURE IS NOT AN OPTION: With 33% more force to fail than our closest competitors, they deliver the durability you need for speed on modern, aggressive courses. The engineered, flat-top bead shape almost entirely removes the threat of pinch flats, requiring 40% more force to pinch flat over our toughest competitors—allowing riders to run their preferred air-pressure with 100% confidence.

LIMITED EDITION: For riders looking for the absolute fastest wheelset in the world through the highest level of control, durability, and ultra-light performance in an XC race wheel, Control SL Team is the one. This hand-built wheelset is only available once and in extremely limited quantities.

WHAT’S IN THE BOX: Inside Control SL Team is more than just a wheelset. You’ll also get, Ti bolts, end caps with tools, a Dynaplug kit, a premium wheel bag, 2 premium Specialized tires, extra carbon spokes, and a few other surprises.

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