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Roval Control SL Seat Post

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Finding your rhythm can make or break your race. Our Control SL seat post puts you in an ideal position for high-output efforts, and is easily adjusted thanks to the 2-bolt system letting you easily make micro-alignments for that dialed attack position—all while remaining feather light at 180g for XC riding and racing.

Its 30.9mm post diameter and 415mm length make the Control SL seat post a perfect match for the modern XC bike. Once your riding position is set, you’re focus is dialed on ride fast and efficiently —not your seat post.

Rider Reviews

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Great seatpost

Already had other carbon seatpost from specialized. This one has definitely a better saddle fixing, specially if you are using carbon rails on your saddle. This seatpost has a better connection to the rails making the fixation stronger and more reliable.