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Recon 2.0 Gravel & Mountain Bike Shoe

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The Recon 2.0 was made for riders who seek out dirt roads and challenging trails in search of a shoe that delivers comfort and efficiency in a durable package, with the scientifically proven performance benefits of Body Geometry. Whether you’re saddling up a Diverge or Creo to ride with your gravel group or hopping on your epic to embark on an all-day trail session, the Recon 2.0 is your partner in crime for days spent in the dirt.

Body Geometry: Like every Body Geometry shoe, the Recon 2.0 is ergonomically designed and scientifically proven to improve comfort, increase performance, and reduce the chance of injury for every rider with patented technology, while improving power by 7 watts - validated by science.

Stride Technology: Stride technology provides a flexible outsole and upper around the toe box combined with a stiff cleat pocket, enabling the shoe to easily flex when walking and remain stiff and efficient when pedaling.

Efficiency: The Recon 2.0 features a Li2 Boa Dial for adjustability on the fly, making getting in and out of the shoe a breeze. BOA soft-lace cables made from a Dyneema yarn allow us to do away with hard molded guides for a more comfortable fit. The forefoot strap above the toes helps riders adjust volume around their toes to tailor the fit to their unique foot, connecting you to the bike for confidence when hitting a new feature or tackling loose and technical gravel.

Rider Reviews

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  • 2 Reviews

Not as nice nearly as the last model

I have the prior version of the Recon 2.0 so I bought the new one when the old ones wore out. No complaints on the old version. Over 5000 miles on them they just wore out. The new ones have far less padding and are smaller for the same size. The old ones had padding on the top edge of the tongue the new version does not, it is almost sharp at the top and just cuts into your foot. It is all around less comfortable. For same size, the old ones were a little big so I added a foot pad. On the new ones my toes on one side hit the front. Clearly smaller than the same size of the old version. On the old ones I reached the point where the base had worn so much that I am walking on the metal cleat insert. The new ones have such small pads that I am almost there from the start. They will not last long if you walk in them.

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