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Power Pro with Mirror

We deliver! Just say when and how.

Mirror goes Pro. Our best-reviewed saddle technology, based on two decades of Body Geometry research and development, is now available on the Power Pro saddle. Looking beyond foam, we developed Mirror technology. By 3D printing with a liquid polymer to create an infinitely tunable honeycomb structure, Mirror saddles perfectly reflect your anatomy to keep you comfortable, powerful, and healthy in your unique position.

The Power Pro with Mirror starts with our Power shape—beloved by riders worldwide for its extra-wide and elongated Body Geometry channel—and is topped with the exact same Mirror pad as our S-Works Power with Mirror, a patent-pending matrix of 14,000 struts and 7,799 nodes, each of which can be tuned individually to deliver unprecedented sit bone comfort and soft tissue protection. But our Pro-level saddle features titanium rails and a reclaimed carbon fiber base to bring Mirror technology to more riders on more terrain than ever before.

The bike may be the most sustainable transportation ever created, but we need to do more. The saddle’s carbon base is built with our all-new reclaimed carbon process. This is our first step on the road to closed-loop production, maximizing efficiency in production and minimizing waste. Using carbon scraps from factory production, combined with injected nylon, we’re building a more sustainable carbon base.

With the Power Pro’s titanium rails, Mirror technology is now more durable than ever. It’s so strong that our Mirror technology is now trail-ready, so go ahead and huck that gap. Trail riders have sit bones too, after all. Whether you're on the road or trail, going up or down, the Power Pro with Mirror will get you there comfortably and quickly. It’s the perfect reflection of you.

Body Geometry Saddles

Traditional saddles were causing ischemia — a loss of blood flow — that created scar tissue, which led to erectile dysfunction. To solve this problem, we designed our Body Geometry saddles with a cutout to relieve soft tissue pressure.

Mirror Variable-Density Matrix

Mirror technology allows for infinite density tuning with a single material. Using Body Geometry methodology and Retül data, the 3D printed matrix is tuned to support the sit bones with a hammock effect that lets the saddle support your weight, not the tissue around your sit bones.

Reclaimed Carbon Fiber

The saddle's carbon base is built with our new process utilizing 15% reclaimed carbon fiber. This is our first step on the road to closed-loop production. By maximizing efficiency in production and minimizing waste, we're building a more sustainable carbon base.

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