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2020 Men's RBX Merino Long Sleeve Jersey

Not all of us live in the frozen tundra. And if you do, you'll be surprised by just how often a quality jersey, like our RBX Merino Long Sleeve Jersey, will more than suffice in cold conditions.

To make sure of it, this jersey is made from our innovative Merino Wool material, which allows for nice insulating warmth, natural odor protection, and efficient moisture transfer. In other words, this isn't merely a fashion statement, this long sleeve cycling jersey is driven by performance.

You'll also find that we've included ample storage space for your ride essentials, with one zippered back pocket and three standard pockets at the rear. There's also a full-length front zipper to control the ventilation while you're climbing or putting down hard efforts, plus our Regular Fit that ensures enough wiggle room for a base layer underneath.

Rider Reviews

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I just bought another one of these

Just a very nice Merino wool jersey. On the thin side, but when coupled with a Merino base layer is quite nice for a very wide range of temperatures. Both comfortable and stylish. I just got a 2nd in another color. Really nice piece of kit.