McLaren x Roubaix

Our relationship with McLaren runs deep, as we're both committed to pushing the boundaries of performance through innovation and outside-the-box design. And to celebrate their 50th year of Grand Prix racing, we decide to pay homage with a limited-edition McLaren S-Works Roubaix.

For the paint, we used a color we call Heritage Orange, which by no accident, is the same color that McLaren painted their race cars way back in 1966. We applied this concept down to the smallest detail, so even the genuine leather bar tape features beautiful Heritage Orange stitching.

And while we acknowledge that it would be hard to pay homage to a lineage of race cars through a bike design, this Roubaix counters this challenge by capturing as many details from the cars as possible. This means that the head badge is polished to a brilliant shine, while its custom Roval CLX 32 wheels spin on sparkling polished hubs that mimic the silver wheels found on the McLaren race cars of yesteryear. We spared no expense with this bike, so it perfectly reflects the luxurious attention to detail that both McLaren and Specialized are known for.

Smoother is Faster

S-Works Roubaix McLaren Dura-Ace Di2