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How it works, how we built it, how you use it.

The Haul, Explained!

More power means 5 levels of pedal assistance. More cargo means 419 lbs of carrying capacity. More everything means riding up to 60 miles or for 5.5 hours per charge.

Being well informed helps you get more into it. Here’s everything you need to know about the Haul family. How to use it (easy), why we built it (for you), and how we built it (very carefully).

How a bike first lifestyle informed the creation of the Haul

Meet the brains behind the Haul

How the Haul got started, in Erik’s own words.
‘Code Red Climate Emergency. Those words from the UN really stuck, and we thought, “we need to make really really good, affordable electric bikes so everyone can live a bike first lifestyle.”’
How the Haul is different from other electric cargo bikes.
“We treated these bikes the same way we’d treat the creation of a bike for the Tour de France, as a specialist tool that does the job better than anything else. Even though they’re affordable, they’re so premium in their own simple way that they’ll last a riding lifetime.”

Everything that makes the Haul the best tool for the job.

The Haul was created to be the best bike for the rider, everyday, because that’s us too. It’s a specialty tool created to help you live a bike first lifestyle and get more into it.