A giftwrapped bike is an unmistakable shape, and the world it’ll open up for its new owner is unmistakably marvelous. Help the lucky people on your list this season explore and expand their world with the gifts in this guide. Mountain, road, and everything in between—it’s primed to help you put some bike love into their lives.

Your kiddo’s biggest smile of the season will happen the second they see that beautiful new bike with their name on it. We suggest bracing yourself for some high-pitched squeals and potential tears of joy as they declare this the “Best. Day. Ever!” Remember to smile—you made it happen, you rockstar you.

Who doesn’t love a shred sled? These are the bikes and gear of their trail-lovin’ dreams, so wrap that stoke up nice and tight and stick their name right on the wrapping paper. Shop now and start checking boxes on their wish list.

Paved or not, all roads lead to a whole world of fun and adventure this holiday season. Find the fastest road bikes, aero bikes, bikes to explore with, plus all the accoutrements your roadie will need for mile after mile of riding and adventure.

The Turbo family is charged up and ready to go this holiday season. From the trail-taming Turbo Levo to the around-town and mile-crushing Turbo Vado and Turbo Como, the world of your electric bike lover will get a little smaller and way, way faster.

Got a fitness fiend in your family? Someone who wants to spend 2019 getting healthier, or even just commuting to work? Maybe you just want someone to ride with you? Either way, you should give them the gift that says, “Let’s go ride!”

Want to spread the bike love and share the stoke with someone you love? Here are some suggestions to help stuff that stocking till it runneth over.