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Globe LT Running Boards

We deliver! Just say when and how.

The Globe Haul LT running boards will help keep whatever you’re hauling rock steady as you zip through your day. In tandem with the adjustable cargo rails, the running boards help make Haul LT the most capable electric cargo bike out there. With solid support underneath your passengers and cargo, you’ll get a stable ride, and have more fun as you get more into it.

SUPPORTING CAST. The new running boards for the Haul LT make carrying passengers and cargo side bags possible. When your starting lineup is running boards, adjustable cargo rails, and cargo side bags, you’ll win every time. Scoreboard!

Real riders getting reel into it.

Reel Stories

There are so many ways to get more into it with your Haul, we couldn’t possibly come up with all of them. That’s where you come in. We want to see how much you can haul… 200 lbs of mulch? A used garden shed? some rare cactus? A Great Dane in a pilot's cap? Let us know! Post a reel to instagram, tag @globe.bikes and use hashtags #getmoreintoit and #globehaulst!

Behind the Scenes with Our Furry Friends

Who Let the Dogs Out? We Did!

Ever thought about putting a bunch of dogs in sunglasses on a bike in a win tunnel? Neither had we. Until we did, and then we couldn't stop thinking about it. Take a peek into the process of getting some shots with our furry friends.

All the resources you need to get more into it.

Haul 101 at S.U.

Good information helps you get more into it. Here’s everything you need to know about the Haul family. How to use it (easy), why we built it (for you), and how we built it (very carefully). Check out all the resources and information at Specialized University, along with an interview with the mind behind the Haul, Erik Nohlin.

The Haul is For Kids!

The Haul LT School Bus Kit

The School Bus Kit is for hauling the kids of course! With three passenger seats, front pannier adapters, two Coolcaves, a front rack and turbo basket, the school bus kit will get you, the kids, and everything they need, anywhere they need to go. This also features LT-specific accessories like the adjustable cargo rail and running boards so the little ones are good to go.

For Everything You’ve Got… and Then Some

The Haul LT Big Rig Kit

Load up with everything you need, then pack a little more just in case… There's room. The Big Rig Kit is for max storage capacity with front and rear pannier adapters, 6 Coolcave panniers, the globe front rack and Turbo Basket. This kit turns your Haul into the perfect partner when you’ve just got a lot of stuff. Go ahead, take the kitchen sink.

The Globe Haul LT
The Globe Haul LT

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